A platform to manage the development of socioemocional habilities throught a live action MMORPG

Hello People!
I'm Sergio, a Brazilian enthusiast of games, game player and entrepreneur in education, focused in develop the abilities that students need to face the 21st century challenges, that normally are beyond the learning that we acquire in the "traditional" education (at least here in Brazil).
I have a start up called Ynovação.
We believe every young is a hero. We awake their superpowers (abilities for the 21st century) and provide an utility belt (tools) to help them to adventure realizing their life purposes.
For us, a hero is someone who, in determined moment of the life, accept his call to a higher purpose and start a learning journey and build a better society, exercising his life mission. He recognize that your abilities and talents are a way to his personal purposes and also the need to put them to the service of others.
Our Vision is a world full of heroes, conscious of their potential and their social responsibility, trained with the best of management tools in the actuality and adventuring in the world to realize their purposes.
Our Mission is to develop heroes through the creation of environments that promote personal discover, potential awakening and training in management tools.
And the first product we are creating is the Engage.
ENGAGE - A platform to manage the learning of the socioemocional abilities through RPG.
The Context and Opportunity
In the International Commission about Education to the 21st Century, to UNESCO, and edited in the form of the book "Education, a treasure to discover", from 1999, there is a discussion about four fundamental pillars to the education: learning to know (acquire instruments of comprehension), learning to do (to act on surrounding environment), learning to live together (cooperating with the others in all human activities) and learning to be (main concept that integrate all the previous).
The schools, for their historical construction arising from the industrial revolution, exercise exceptional domain over the learning to know and, in smaller scale, over the learning to do. In this context, there is a great opportunity to explore in numerous forms the learning to live together and the learning to be.
The Solution
Engage is a platform to host and manage RPG to provide the learning of the socioemocional abilities, in form of courses, inviting the students to play a game where the world is the board, the students are the players and the teachers are the masters of this big challenge. This platform will be able to host any kind of games, basing the interactions and evolution of the participants in elements of: MMOs, Dungeons & Dragons and Animes. Everything will depend on the creativity to create histories and quests meaningful and engaging, always based in the Hero Journey from Joseph Campbell.
The Players
The idea is to invite two kind of players. One is the students from high school and the other is the college students.
Our needs
Today i'm doing the project with a friend, who is a front end programmer. We are already writing the first story of the game and creating the structure of the system. But to make it happen properly and with a nice result, we need:
- A back end programmer
- A designer
If we can't find a back end programmer and a designer, opportunity and help to find investors or some funds to help to hire a programmer (but we want it as last resource, after exhaust all the possibilities).
Thanks for the attention. I hope you enjoyed the idea.
If you want to talk more about it, think you can contribute with something else or any other things, we are here.

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great idea Sergio. I keep my fingers crossed for you.



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