I'm a professional game programmer, and I've noticed that there is a common problem among people inspired by Jane's call to action to design world-changing games. They have these amazing game ideas and some of the skills necessary, but not all of them, and they need collaborators. As I've been browsing this forum, I've noticed that it's difficult to search, there's no standard format for presenting game ideas, and there are no pictures. In short, as a game developer who wants to contribute, it's very difficult to search for game ideas that I can help with.

It breaks my heart that too often, really great game ideas never get the collaborators they need, and the games never get made. Our world needs these games!

So, I'm designing an online platform for people who want to change the world through games, so that we can:
- share game ideas in an easily-browsable format with pictures and descriptions,
- get and give feedback and encouragement, and
- recruit each other to collaborate to make these games happen.

The home page will show a browsable array of game ideas with their pictures and a few words about them. When a person clicks on a game idea, they'll be taken to a page with more information about the game, a progress bar to indicate what stage of development the game is in, a link to the current version of the game if there is one, the current request for help, and a section for comments.

So, tell me below: Would you be interested in using a platform like this? Do you want more information? Would you like to help make it happen?

- Kia

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Sure I would use it, and I would be glad to help, though my programming skills are ancient. But perhaps I can get some practice in newfangled javascript, php or what have you. Let me know what you need.


Thanks for your reply! Sorry for my delayed response. I just got back from vacation.

I would absolutely love your help. I just sent you a friend request. If you accept it, I can message you here directly. Or, you can find me on LinkedIn or Facebook. That works, too.


Hi Kia

I'm new so do not know the ins and outs of this site or how upgrades work, but as this site is already focused on collaboration on games for change, would it be possible to propose this type of feature/function to be included in this site?  The reason I'm asking is that having yet another site to have to subscribe to, plus concerns about security, seems like a lot of extra effort when we already (seem to) have the basics of this concept right here.

That being said, if upgrading this site to include the features/functions you are describing is not a possibility, I would be interested in helping with your site.  I'm a software designer and developer (web, server, databases), writer, and graphic designer.  If you need any of these skills, I'd be happy to help.

Let me know.



I definitely share your concerns, and I actually did contact the Gameful devs to find out if this would be possible as a feature upgrade. I didn't have very much success connecting with them, and during that process I also realized that what I have in mind is different enough from what exists here that it would probably require more work to integrate it than to just make it a standalone platform.

So, I would love your help! It sounds like you have a very valuable set of skills. I'll invite you as a friend here so we can message each other directly. Or, if you prefer, I'm also on LinkedIn and Facebook.



I have a model for collaboration of indie for game development via virtual teaming mostly based on a particular tech hub community such as my own urban community of Fairfax VA Metro DC Hub. Educational game with 3D Blender animation adds value to proposal that I am now preparing with a similar topic to Jane's SuperBetter Game. But my proposal, a response to a govie agency RFP for $150 K grant, is a travelogue alternate reality game.  Kia,  Anyone have solid experience to add value to our multi-discipline virutal team ? 

Avi Dey

QL Group Virtual Team____________ __         

Working for Quality Living      

Avi and Lauren, I'm so glad to hear that you're interested in this platform! We're finally starting development. We've created a Facebook page that you can follow our progress and post comments and game ideas if you want to start getting involved even before the platform is up!

Here's the Facebook page: The Game Collaboratory Facebook Page

Hi Yevdokia,

What's happening with your site?  I visited the Facebook page and the website -- looks fairly empty... just wondering if you've moved on?

It's still a go!

Its interesting that you say this. I was searching in earnest yesterday for such a site.  I would like to participate and help brings this into being. I think it is a crucial step. I also feel that there needs to be a bridge to bring together game developers, programmers, artists, game designers with content and education experts.  There needs to be a place where technology and marry pedagogy. I think too often in the designing of games for change its difficult to get the educational support that a developing game needs to accomplish its goals.

Our team believes there's a problem with creating a game that's 'educational' rather than a great game that also offers a set of learning experiences.  We believe games are the learning of the future: simulation games, experience games, challenge games that require knowledge... games are moving from skill-based learning to critical thinking and strategy that requires the understanding of concepts to win.  Win conditions will be to exceed your personal best previous score as well as placement in your larger community.

That said -- we are NOT categorizing ourselves as an educational game because that's a no go at the start... but as a challenge game with all the strategy, tactics, and win conditions of any other game --- and buried inside that are aha moments where you get insights about stuff you didn't know before... all applicable in real life.

So, I guess I'm concerned about the segregation of games for learning into a category that's explicitly 'educational games' -- I don't think that will have traction in the world and really make a difference -- hence be games that change the world.  Instead, games need to start integrating knowledge creation experiences into the adventure and fun they create.

Interested in thoughts here... :)

Hey Yevdokia

This is my first post to gameful :) but i couldn't help it... You said that you are willing to help. Well, I need the help of a good developer for a alternate reality mobile game for healthy eating.

What do you say? The game is not very complicated and i have a friend that can help me with the design. I can send you the presentation to take a look if you want. 

Thanks and hopes!

If it's not complicated, why not just use Stencyl or Construct 2 or Fusion?



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