I'm a professional game programmer, and I've noticed that there is a common problem among people inspired by Jane's call to action to design world-changing games. They have these amazing game ideas and some of the skills necessary, but not all of them, and they need collaborators. As I've been browsing this forum, I've noticed that it's difficult to search, there's no standard format for presenting game ideas, and there are no pictures. In short, as a game developer who wants to contribute, it's very difficult to search for game ideas that I can help with.

It breaks my heart that too often, really great game ideas never get the collaborators they need, and the games never get made. Our world needs these games!

So, I'm designing an online platform for people who want to change the world through games, so that we can:
- share game ideas in an easily-browsable format with pictures and descriptions,
- get and give feedback and encouragement, and
- recruit each other to collaborate to make these games happen.

The home page will show a browsable array of game ideas with their pictures and a few words about them. When a person clicks on a game idea, they'll be taken to a page with more information about the game, a progress bar to indicate what stage of development the game is in, a link to the current version of the game if there is one, the current request for help, and a section for comments.

So, tell me below: Would you be interested in using a platform like this? Do you want more information? Would you like to help make it happen?

- Kia

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Thanx! Honestly i had no idea about these tools, I'll sure check them 

I'd be happy to help with any of these tools! If you need me to make a starter template for you, just give me the basic ideas and mechanics....

Thanx Scott :) I made a presentation about the game and mechanics, you can see it here 


Is this doable in stencyl?

Also, i would really appreciate feedback!

Your design doc explains things fairly well. By "not complicated" I am assuming you meant "not complicated to explain".  Your multiplayer requirements and persistent stats would require a separate database and do complicate things a bit.  If you have a budget you'd do best to recruit a professional with specific mobile experience. Inexpensive >>> https://www.elance.com  OR https://www.odesk.com 

I am more into rapid prototyping tech demos, browser based, minimal database requirement (high score, badges)...   dealing with the peculiarities between iOS, Android, etc  

Well, I guess I'll try  https://www.elance.com and https://www.odesk.com too. Unfortunately i don't have a budget so... keep tryin'.

Thank you again, Scott, for all the info :)

Nov 23, 2014

Good Morning,

I am back at Gameful.org after an intermission of months. Now my  "educational music video game ideas" , 4 top ones are well developed with a story board for each finished,  and now i have much better  ideas on funding (using the NSF.GOV SBIR Phase I for my first topic, targeting STEM  "active learning").   It is clear to me now that  (01) "building a skilled & motivated virtual team" (use basketball team model)  and  (02) affordable conversation, and  (03) anchored geography of  at least 2 key members are critical for successful proposals, from my perspective.

Question: What is the status of your website for "virtual teaming" on games development, including my  sub topic, ie, educational music video game, travelogue type ? 

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