The content from Gameful 1.0 cannot be automatically transfered to Gameful 2.0, so we need awesome volunteers to pick up the best content, groups, discussions, etc from the old platform and bring to this new one. It is out chance to curate the best of the best of Gameful 1.0!

Because of computer magic, if you copy a forum/group thread in Gameful 1.0 to 2.0, it pastes with all the styling and everything intact. Cool, eh?



Don't apply, pick up a shovel and start the work. Go to to access the old platform and dig for the gold. Find the appropriate group (create it if it does not exist) in the new platform and voilá!



It is volunteer (translation: zero gold coins), but the awesome volunteers who move awesome content will receive awesome recognition and even some special surprise. What is it? If I tell won't be a surprise.

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Hey Sergio;

I'm getting a "Server not found" at .

Is it down?


Hi Lita, for now you can still use as the Gameful 1.0. We did not move it yet, sorry for the confusion on the post.

Cool idea to crowdsource the work involved in porting the website. I have no understanding of computer code or I would help for sure!

No need for any understanding of computer code, Becket. It is about scouting the best content (crucial part!) and then ctrl+c there and ctrl+v at the appropriate place here :)



Welcome Gameful Monster!

Welcome to Gameful, which we are happy to report is officially a partner with Games for Change!

After you signup, here's what you can do to get started:

  • Explore the groups. Find one that interests you? Join it! Want to invite friends and find new allies? Create your own group.
  • Looking for an opportunity? Looking for collaborators? Check out the classifieds. By the way, here is a Gameful opportunity
  • Check the webinars and learn more about what we love the most
  • Invite friends and group members from Gameful 1.0 to join this shiny new one
  • Make a blog post
  • Friend and talk to the Mayor, or chat with anyone online (lower right)
  • Stay tuned for Gameful challenges, where you can design your own social impact game!
  • Take off your shoes and enjoy :)

Thanks everyone!


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