I am new to gaming. I am an educator who would like to create (or collaborate with someone who can help me create) challenging games for an online course. Could someone offer me any ideas about how to go about it, please? Thank you!

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I'd be happy to participate, whether it is challenging my 2 game design classes or after school game design club, or personally putting together prototypes.
Last year I challenged my students to make a homeless awareness project:
Out of the dozen entries there were 3 or 4 that were pretty decent.
Tried to promote an anti-bullying project the previous year but didn't have the same success..,.

Those are nice causes. Let me add a challenge: challenge the kids to create a game that will make helping each other learn into fun. I'll be very interested in the results, as this is something I've been working on for some time now. I have my own assumptions, but haven't tested them yet.

I love the premise, but the execution is making my brain ache at the moment :) Would you happen to have a simple example to head me in the right direction?

Well, kids love to trade (like cards or other collectors' items) and they like to collect... That's the direction my startup is going to.

Perfect example to get me started! Thanks so much! Can't wait for class to start in a month and try what I'm thinking out :)

I had heard of this before but didn't realize it was only $2 per student?!?!?!   Wow! Even my pathetic budget can afford that!



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