I am new to gaming. I am an educator who would like to create (or collaborate with someone who can help me create) challenging games for an online course. Could someone offer me any ideas about how to go about it, please? Thank you!

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What kind of games? Do you want the kids to make the games or just play the games?

Hi, Scott.Thank you.  I want them to play the games to learn. I want to adapt the game Concentration, for example, or have an animated adventure game. 

Hi, I`d like to get the same advise: useful games for children to learn. Thank you!

That is what I am also looking for, is what kind of software to use. Professionally I am an animator, and am looking for software that would be easy to learn and amalgamate with my animation ability. I have looked at Unity3d, and other gaming software, and so far it is not what is suiting my needs. Thanks! 

It seems that every failed project I have been on, it is due to the artist (2D/3D) being overworked and underpaid.  There are some decent tools that can make it easier for the artist , e.g. http://www.brashmonkey.com/spriter.htm    Ideally, if the artist is also the IDEA PERSON the shoestring budget project is more apt to come to fruition.   Have you tried using the 2D Toolkit in Unity3D (https://www.assetstore.unity3d.com/#/content/908)?  Even then it is not the easiest to script.  If 2D games are fine then the 3 easiest tools are: 


Hey, you should join my group here, we are developing a tool that will give you an easy opportunity to create your own game with out programming skills. Group name - Games Created by Teachers. Or just visit our website, www.tutotoons.com I hope you like it. We just started few weeks ago :)

Your upload for customized images does not work. I have uploaded an image into my directory to upload to customize a toonanimation, and it just sits there, does a sound, and 'nothing'... 

I am not a teacher nor a techie, yet I have several games for learning planned - from a mobile MMO to smaller single player apps, in class apps and more. 
The main obstacle is getting techies to participate in the production of these games based on %, at least for the first 1-2 projects, till funds are raised.

So right now I am exploring an additional option: create a studio for educational/learning games production - to service all those wonderful people with ideas out there. Might be able to get a small funding for this new setting.

Do you know any techies/designers who might be interested in partnering with us?

Looking at your blog ( http://ortals.wordpress.com/ ) I can tell you are serious here... As both a teacher and a techie (preferring making single player or LAN multiplayer apps) I am interested in hearing more about this studio and how you plan to incentivize the techies.


If I go for the model of creating a studio, then I intend to hire paid employees. Funding a studio is different from funding a startup: a studio can also render services, not only produce its own products. And so the main incentive here would be to get a salary.

When I'm trying to recruit techies to partner with me I'm looking for like minded people, who are as passionate as me about education innovation and really want to be a part of it. In this case I assume the temptation is the goal, the project, and the ownership (%) in a startup.

I'm happy to hear of more ideas.



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