Global Collaboratory to Empower Human Players in the Evolution Game

Hi everybody, together with my team we created "" a Global Collaboratory to Empower Human Players in the Evolution Game, here is the idea:

Our Evolution is fractal, that means that similar historic events will repeat. When you study the patterns you will see that our Evolution is very similar to a Game with different levels, and right now we are in a moment of the Evolution Game where we have to make a transition from the "survival mode" to the "collaborative mode" if we want to complete the present level. With your help we'll make of Axperiment a Global Collaboratory of Evolutive Brands, where we'll collaborate creating and empowering brands that understand the big picture of Evolution and, using half of the brand's profits, players together with brand creators will decide how to distribute the funds to create local projects that empower local players to get out of the survival game and empower them to start the collaborative game with ideas and skills of their own.

You will understand it quickly with the next infographic:

The Game's Rules

If you have an Idea of your own, if you have a Startup or if you have an already established Brand, you'll need to go through an "Evolutive Branding" process to discover your complete identity in the Game, and to discover your personal mission in the game, once you decide by yourself then you'll present to the world your future Evolutive Brand. Then millions of players around the world will help to create and empower your project (with Funding, Branding, Design, Programming, Testing, Promotion, More Ideas or any other area required).
The collaborative process won't happen only at the beginning of the project, it will be a constant collaboration through the entire Brand's life cycle, the massive help will enable the brand to grow quickly and to have a strong local and worldwide presence. Then, when the Brand is auto-sustainable and has reached maturity, 50% of the brand's profits will return to Axperiment, where the brand creators and the players that collaborated will decide how to distribute the funds in their respective local communities to develop projects that will help other players to get out of the "survival game" covering basic necessities and then empowering those players so they can participate in the "collaboration game" with their own ideas and skills.

The Game's Feedback System

Players will have access to data related to the Brands they are collaborating, including Financial Statements to see how the brand is doing financially, the information will be totally transparent and if possible in real time.

Players will have access to information related to local community projects and global projects, and see how other players around the world are being benefited, including him/her.

You can check the campaign video here:

Also in the video you will see the first 2 Evolutive Brands we are currently developing.

Please send all your feedback, ideas, suggestions, so we can create a second campaign with a more professional video and implementing your own ideas. We've been contacting influential authors from the 4 main areas: Science, Spirituality, Business and Game Mechanics. We'll keep you posted about the progress so far.

Let the game begin!

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