I am a homeless man.

After reading Reality is Broken I began formulating a game called HoboKin, an ARG based on the experience of homelessness and poverty. So far I have designed 9 Achievements and about 35 quests, all designed to raise awareness of homeless and to create empathy with the impoverished. I believe the game has even more potential than that however.

What I do not know how to do is to create a website whereby people could communicate, post links to essays, pictures and videos, register completed quests, gain XP and a kind of currency I’m calling “Street Cred” or SC’s, perhaps even have avatars. I am hoping to find someone who can help me do that, something along the lines of Chore Wars which I understand is made in a commonly known language called PHP. Despite decades of online activity I am afraid I never learned to code.

Forgive me if this message is terse. I only get an hour a day of computer access at the library, and I have to spend some of that time continuing my job hunt. Still, I invite anyone who is interested to email me at macmcgill7@gmail.com , as you might imagine my access is limited but every once in awhile I can sneak a quick peek through other people’s computers. I would very much like to do this and hope that I can get in contact with someone who will help me.

Thank you very much for your time and consideration.

Mac McGill

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Thanks for judging Mac! The video results feedback is priceless. The kids are gonna love watching it at the awards party tomorrow!  http://jnoodle.com/homeless/



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