I am planning to create "serious" pieces of Interactive Fiction (IF) for education purposes, thus creating Interactive Fiction for Edutainment (IFE).

The idea is to have a whole storyworld and map to navigate in order to actively acquire knowledge in relevant topics, such as "From Enlightenment to Romanticism" or "From Mozart to Beethoven" - where the player-learner can really enjoy an e-learning environment through his/her choices.

I thank you warmly in advance for you coorperation! ^___^

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Ideally, what are you looking for from collaborators?

Hello Rebecca,

At the moment I am working for an Italian school for writers and scriptwriters, but let's say for "storytellers" in general, even digital storytellers, which is quite renown (www.scuolaholden.it).

When I say that I look for collaborators that's exactly what I'm looking for - partners who are experts in interactive fiction and want to develop a new form of textual adventure for the purpose of education.

Not only learning "something" but most of all acquiring some specific "skills" - for example I'd love to develop an IF in which you can actively modify the plot of a story (let's say, a masterpiece of literature) and thus learn how to structure your writing.

I hope I've been clear enough or at least not too much obscure...


Giuseppe, do you know about this site? http://www.theswanstation.com/wordpress/2012/05/lesson-plan-galatea... British Council ESL teacher who has developed lesson plans around IF—detailed ones.

I've taught ESL for years and have written IF (professionally—for Scholastic software and book publishers). http://www.hoppingfun.com So, of course I'm interested in your project. What stage are you in? Is there funding? How/where will the game be distributed?

Cheers, Lorraine

Yes, I do! And I think it is the most interesting example so fr on the net! GALATEA really works in the way I was hoping to exploit in my edutainmental efforts! Thank you Lorraine :-)


I think this articled from Gamasutra http://www.gamasutra.com/view/news/173448/New_free_tools_allow_any_... is related to your need. I believe, if I'm not mistaken, that inklewriter allows writers to modify the story. You can find it here: http://www.inklestudios.com/inklewriter

Hope this helps!

Thank you, Tristan! It helps indeed! :-)

Hi Giuseppe,

This sounds lovely - have you come across Re-Enchantment? It's an Australian website about fairy-tales: http://re-enchantment.abc.net.au/re-enchantment.html In some ways this website isn't great - it can be slow and I find the bite-sized chunks of info unsatisfying...I'd like the stories and commentaries to keep going for longer and to interrupt them and go somewhere else if I lose interest, instead of having to keep on clicking on things...apart from that, though, it's quite gorgeous!


Thank you, Carla, sounds interesting! I will check it out!



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