We are dreaming of a world where everybody is doing work he loves and is passionate about. This is why we want to help demotivated students in school who ask themselves "Why am I learning?" to discover their talents and find their passion.
We believe, when everybody is doing something they love, we can change the world!
A lot of young people are hoping they will be discovered by some producer and they will be made into something successful. We want to show that you are the entrepreneur of your life and that you can live your passion. 
So if you want to be discovered, discover yourself! Your strength, your potential, your passion! Because we believe if you find your passion, you will learn and do everything to live up to your dreams.
We were thinking of a game (browser and app) where students can coach and learn from each other. There will be a story (video or text) and after each part they are going to answer a few questions. They will have to think about the situation and the characters in the story and finally reflect about themselves too.
The players can share their answers by webcam. This helps to become more emphatic because you realize, others have seen/read the same but their perception, feelings and conclusions are totally different from mine. Maybe there is not one ultimate truth....
But then (my favorite part) they are getting a real challenge in the real world. Could be something to build up confidence like "Smile or help today 10 strangers." or "Write down or take a picture of your lucky moments you had today and share it with your allies."
The point is, the players encourage and see each other growing and getting more and more self confident. ("I am actually great and I can do it!")  
When a player is at an advanced level he can mentor another player or a group of players. In an ideal case, the players will run the game and develop it further and further. In the next years we want to make this a big world wide community/ network where passionate people can help and mentor each other. We just want to provide the framework with some rules and values for our community. Let the games begin.
You can watch our video too if you like. Just turn captions on :-) http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=laIY1OEMb80
In the moment we are looking for partners who are passionate and love to develop this game/ venture together with us. And we want to develop/ test it together with our target group. 
When I quit school I was very frustrated and I believed that I`m not much worth because I failed. So I did loads of different work experiences for more than six years. For example I failed as an actor but had an epic win as a sand castle builder in an english nursery. I was very lucky because someone provided me with good books and positive thoughts. And now I am feeling I am doing the right thing and I want to help many others to discover their passion as well.
In school I felt like a monkey, everybody trying to teach me swimming.
I hope I could make you curious. Maybe we can mail/talk/meet/skype soon if you are interested.
Thank you very much for your time :) I am looking forward to read from you soon.
Sunny regards from Dresden, Germany :-)
www.leidenschaftlichneugierig.de (Passionately Curious)

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We are very thankful for every question or suggestion. We really appreciate your time and your effort! Thank you very much :-)

Hi Alexander,

I was just in Berlin now for the Qou-Vadis conference, where I gave a talk exactly on this subject!

Too bad I didn't see this post earlier :(

Your idea sounds great and I would love to hear more about it, I'm looking for partners myself on subjects like this.

What are looking for?

Developers? graphic designers? investors? other?

I'll be happy to virtually "meet" - sent you a message on facebook...





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