PHP volunteer willing to work on Jane McGonigal's Evoke sequel

So you read about/saw/played Jane McGonigal's Urgent Evoke game, eh?

We are working on a follow up to it, called Equipe Evoke. While Urgent Evoke was focused on Africa, the new one will be focused on Brazil. We need someone (or more than one? :) ) to work as volunteer in putting together some PHP and a few HTML/CSS magic. We have a lot of the work done (we are using the Elgg framework), but still need a few touch ups.

What you get:

  • Experience in working on a real serious game - not to mention making parents proud and friends envious by connecting your name to a follow up of a Jane McGonigal's game ;)
  • Work virtually with nice people who enjoy games for change
  • Make a serious game happen!

What you need:

  • Passion!
  • Know PHP, HTML/CSS
  • Be available to volunteer and put some time :)
  • Elgg framework knowledge a plus
  • Live anywhere in the world and have a decent internet connection

Questions, shout outs and applications:

Send a message to sergio [DOT] schuler [AT] gmail [DOT] com saying why you want to be part of this and how can you contribute. 

PS: Jane is not involved, so you won't have a cup of coffee with her. Even though it is a follow up of her original game and design.

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Hi. Needing beta testers? 



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