PlayDHD is an internet based entertainment program that talks about the importance of play to everyone- but particularly to people with ADHD. We are looking for guests who would be interviewed on Google Hangouts by the hosts, Kirsten Milliken and Stacey Turis. Conversations are fun! and typically focused on how play is used to motivate, interest and inspire people. We talk about different forms of play and what it has meant in the lives of our guests.

The future of PlayDHD is also in creating products that incorporate play to motivate people We are certainly open to collaborating with people to create games, apps, ideas, anything!

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Would you be interested in interviewing an ADHD teen gamer?

Absolutely!  Do you wan the review on our site or just for you?

Right now our site is in transition.  It will be back up in the next week.

Any links to existing interviews? Also, it might be helpful to conduct the interview first in writing since he isnt an English speaker.

Oh!  My ADHD got the best of me.... I read "review ADHD teen game."  Our site is geared to adults.  

Also, the interviews really are spontaneous conversations.  NOt speaking English might prove to be a barrier.

The person you may want to contact is Kevin J Roberts.  

I am currently doing research on gamification and motivation - specifically looking at what makes games intrinsically motivating (i.e. fun). Based on my research I expect I may be able to provide some of the theory and history regarding how play motivates us, and would be open to talking more about how I can help.


I would be very interested in your research and would be open to collaborating o na project if there is an interest and a good fit in our working together.


My son, now 35, and I both have ADD. He is a web developer and I am a middle school teacher. My school is a magnet school, I am the sponsor of a game developers club. I am seeking ways to add gameful play to reading in order to encourage reluctant readers to become fluent readers.

Timothy- a recent app I was made aware of is Sprint.  It helps with reading fluency.  I would strongly suggest you look on some of the teaching sites, as they have tons of suggestions on making reading more engaging.  


I am involved in making games currently as a Project Manager and Designer. I also have founded the Rainbow Warrior Health Game Academy and Exchange. We help with the early stages of game development.

Although I have not been diagnosed with ADHD as it wasn't picked up when young I have ended up with Bipolar Disorder. I have big problems with attention deficit and motivation. I am the primary administrator for Bipolar Resource and Information Network on facebook (BRAIN). There is many similarities between ADHD and Bipolar Disorder.

I am happy to be interviewed for your show. I do have a bit of experience with public speaking but am a slow processor so wouldn't mind having the questions in front of me or a summary of what is going to be covered before we start. However I have had to talk off the cuff a number of times in the past.



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