I have a few questions. I have a product idea, and the only thing that comes close to describing it is a video game.

Can a video game register and respond to a person's voice, heart beat or other bodily functions as you play it?

Can you use a remote and input data from a selection/library of data to change what you see or experience as you play?

Can a video game store the choices you have made and/or the body feed back, keep on keeping track of it and quantify the information/ or heighten/lower the program guidelines based on these automatically?

My product is focused on self help/healing/motivation/recovery from chronic illness/ education/corporate or company growth methodology.

While this seems to be broad in scope, all of these markets have one thing in common, human potentiality. I would need to develop a 'game" for kids and one for adults and if possible put it all on the Cloud and sell memberships to individuals/institutions/companies.

I would love to have your input as to what technology can do. I am not a techy so my knowledge is growing. Thanks, Stefan Senna

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There are real-world "tricorders" (Yes, like in Star Trek) that are currently in development, with existing models providing some of the features you are seeking. See here:

While putting such a game in the cloud has an understandable appeal in terms of gathering a large body of data as to how the software is used and performs, there are ethical and legal issues which may prevent a health-care provider from sharing patient data beyond certain necessary limits. You might be better off to offer it as a stand-alone application in which anonymous aggregate data could be shared at the discretion of the providers and patients. If I'm not mistaken, you're talking about a more cybernetic extension of something like "Snow World"? **Awesome!** Good luck!

Hello Stefan, 

The general answer to your questions is yes :)

It can register your voice while you play -

You can use a remote and input data - but you need servers for that, which is expensive.

And it can store your choices - again - you need servers...

Hope this helps, and good luck! It sounds like a great idea...


...heart beat or other bodily functions?
I'd love to see that interface :)
Sounds like the hardware design is your biggest hurdle here
...Can a video game register and respond to a person's voice?
Siri... Dragon Typer.. any voice dial phone...  Xbox...   been around for a while
or did you mean like lie detection, etc



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