Hi All,

I'm developing a game that inspires kids to change the world through social entrepreneurship. It's at the prototype stage - www.isavetheworld.ca. I'm seeking a passionate, talented game designer to partner with me on this project and work together to create positive change through gaming.

I'm a producer who is securing funding, distribution and handling all of the business elements of the project. What I need is a tech-savvy partner who wants to dig into this with me and create an awesome game that can make a real difference. If you're interested, I look forward to hearing from you.

Thanks for reading!

- Erin

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Hey Ellen, Can you give more info about the project, and the responsibilities of the game designer you are looking for. I'm a game designer, with experience working on mobile games, and have worked with large companies like Gameloft and small indie games for my own team Unravel Games.



Hi Tristan,

Thank you so much for getting in touch with me. There will be a free, streamlined, branded educational version of iSave for classrooms and a full, ad-free commercial version for sale. We'd also like to break out the mini-games from the larger game and sell those separately as well.
I have a 30 page game overview created, but need to re-vamp the concept as it was initially conceived as a strictly educational product. I'm looking to do a secondary development phase to tackle this re-vamping and create a new minigame that be sold as an initial product before producing the full game. Our focus is on tablet and mobile, though we may have to consider PC for the educational market.
I'm seeking a tech partner who can help move this project forward from the tech perspective. I can handle raising money, creating content, running the business but I need someone to head up the planning and production of the tech elements of the game.
I'm in Canada. Do you work out of India?
- Erin

Hi Erin,

I'm in the Philippines. :)



Hi Erin,

I stumbled across this post yesterday and it caught my attention. Unfortunately, I am not a game designer, so I'm unable to fulfill the role that you are looking for. Currently, I'm just a first year university student with an interest in using games to teach and create social change. I am wondering if it would still be possible for me to tag along and contribute to the creation of this game.



Hi Houle,

Thanks for reaching out! There is definitely lots to do beyond designing the game and any contribution is welcome. One thing I want to do is demonstrate the research that exists showing how games can influence positive behaviour and subsequently positive change. I also want to learn about ways to make the game most effective to motivate and inspire players to change the world.

Where are you located?

- Erin

Hi Erin,

That sounds awesome!

I'm also in Canada.


Nice - I'm in Victoria, where are you?

Do you want to email me at ejskillen@gmail.com and we can brainstorm potential next steps?


Interesting idea and development.  Do you have a "target" age for kids, for example,  age 10 to 15 perhaps ?   My focus is for teens plus young adults for my  current proposal "Waldenthree Travelogue".

Love to connect you with interested gave developers here at Fairfax, VA Metro DC Hub if possible in future. 

Avi Dey

Cafe Twin 

Educational Game Developers Teaching & Learning Circle



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