Hey guys.

I came across an interesting blog post by TADHG KELLY at TechCrunch talking about how current social games (especially mobile games) are too obsessed with twiking the games to generate a higher conversion rate. Allthough many game developers claim to have addopted the "lean"/"agile" development concept, few of them really are lean or agile. This obsession with measurement takes these developers to a zone of limited innovation and creativity. Kelly compares these games to the gambling industry games, where measurement is everything, and thus we see the same 3-5 games at every gambling site.

Here is a link to the great post:


So, what do you guys think? Did you find yourselves stressing too much on measurement? Have you released a pre-mature version of your games to get player's feelings and feedback? Are your efforts indeed "lean"/"agile"? Do you want them to be?

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