Is this thing on?

Here is The Mayor. I have been banning 5 to 10 spammers every day for as long as I can remember. But if I miss one single day, all hell breaks loose and the spammers party hard in our not-so-secret Games For Change HQ. 

I have been fighting the spammers valiantly, but sometimes they beat me, because I am but one. So I decided to create the SUPER AWESOME GAMEFUL ANTI-SPAM BRIGADE. The closest Gameful has as a Justice League!


What is the Super Awesome Gameful Anti-Spam Brigade?

Awesome people that volunteer and put their lives at risk to contain the spam treat inside

This awesome people will have the super power to suspend members for spam (consequently automagically deleting all the content posted by the spammer). 

What do I need to enlist?

Any Gameful member can enlist to be part of the Super Awesome Gameful Anti-Spam Brigade, as long (s)he:

- Has a complete profile, including photo

- Contributes to Gameful overall (so not a total new member that never posted anything)

- Can keep his/her scheduled spam watch (which means logging in a few times a day one or more days of the week of your choice and suspending spammers)

- Only use his/her super powers for good

Do you think you have what it takes to beat the spammers?

Send a message to The Mayor saying why you want to be part of the spam watch and which week day(s) you can take stand watch.

We can win this!

That is it, this is war! RAWR-over!

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I'm in the middle of moving but I endeavor to lend a hand and participate in the site more in general as a New Year's resolution.

Good luck with the moving :D

Anyone else will want to help get rid of spam in Gameful? I am offering the city's key

YEI, we have the first member of the SAGAS Brigade: It is Andres Fonseca! He likes Monkey Island, what else do you need to know? No, really.

Welcome to the Gameful ship, Andres! Let's shoot some damn zombie-spammers!

Thanks for setting this up! I just joined and so far the only messages I've received from individuals have been spam...

I know I'm a fairly new member, but I too am frustrated by such a good site having so much spam.  Perchance would you let me join the brigade?



Welcome Gameful Monster!

Welcome to Gameful, which we are happy to report is officially a partner with Games for Change!

After you signup, here's what you can do to get started:

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  • Stay tuned for Gameful challenges, where you can design your own social impact game!
  • Take off your shoes and enjoy :)

Thanks everyone!


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