The World's Most Difficult Challenge is...?

You tell us!

Write a short description of a single goal (getting a ball into a hoop, landing on the moon, etc) that you think would be incredibly difficult. This can be any type of goal, challenge, aspiration, what have you, but the catch is that it must be possible (in your mind's eye) to complete. After explaining what you think is the world's most difficult challenge, or anything on par with it, give an estimation of how many RL experience points you think someone would acquire after achieving said goal.

Rewards for response = Creative fulfillment and fun & a secret message!

Restrictions = None!

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Removing the association between comfort and food as a way of tackling obesity.

We know that comfort eating- particularly at times of stress - can be the cause of weight issues. We know that turning to food at times of stress sets up repeated patterns of behaviour that can be very difficult to break.  Disassociating comfort from food would not be easy! It would involve retraining the brain to break the link between food & comfort & build alternative links between comfort & other sources of comfort (non food).  - I have a game idea for this that I'll post later in the appropriate forum!

I think overcoming this challenge  would be an an amazing achievement with important benefits in terms of tackling obesity & heath related conditions that are on the increase.

Experience points - 3500 - generally held to be the calories in a pound of fat!!

Wow, what an insightful idea. It could have such a positive impact on so many people, and even a few that I know personally. I like the idea, and I happens to make me think about the 'weight watcher points' on so many different food items today.

I know you're right when you say this would be an amazing achievement, and I look forward to your related post. I'll be keeping an eye out for it.

Glad you liked the idea! My game associated idea was something around the fact the world is divided into those who over consume & those who don't have enough. I wondered if there was a diet game whereby the calories you don't consume can be redirected to where they are needed (via sponsorship/advertising as in Not sure how you make it a proper game though- would want some sort of experience & progress as you "feed the world" in the game & in real life by reallocating excess calories you  don't need & don't eat (all according to proper nutrition guidelines of course!). I'm practising a mini version myself - The Donation Diet. I have cut down my calories by 500 a day (so 3500 a week- 1 pound of fat) and I'm going to donate the equivalent in food to a local food bank each week. I'm trying to see if changing the food association in this way (i.e. moving from thinking about personal desires & reward/comfort to thinking about others who are relying on foodbanks to feed their family & don't know where the next meal is coming from) is as powerful as I think it could be. But this isn't strictly a game. Was thinking of tinkering with Chore Wars (which I like - but not even that game can get me interested in cleaning!) & changing the quests so that I award myself experience points for calories re-allocated each week would bring an added game dimension - but not done that yet. But yes...The Donation Diet. I've told a few people in work & they seem really interested in trying it & supportive of the principles behind it.

If you figure out a way to turn your Donation Diet into a game, (even if it lacks cool graphics, online interface, what-have-you, and is merely something 'paper and pencil') I will play this game with you, and help publicize it with my friends, family, and organizations. 

I think it's a great idea, it's awesome that you are doing it, and I feel that all of us on were to share each other's 'games', we'd all be one step closer to making each one a reality.

You've inspired me!! I've set up a blog, explained what I'm doing & have invited people to join me and post their results each week. I've also set a community goal for the end of the year - so that people will know that they are part of something big and to which they personally can contribute and make a difference. I feel very excited! Thank you for your encouragement! The blog is here The Donation Diet  



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