The general idea of the project is that I would like to crowdfund $25,000 to buy all of the components and software for ten students (five boys and five girls - more if I can get more funding) to build their own computers capable of programming, game design, and creative production. After the parts were purchased, the students would learn how to assemble a computer, install software, and then would use those computers to develop an AP Psychology review game for distribution in the IOS and Android app stores and online in HTML5. Assuming the students satisfied learning, development, and attendance requirements (and had the permission of their parents), they would be able to keep the computers that they hand built.

Tweeterific Description: Students building the computers they will use to program a game to distribute? Yup. Betcha wish ya coulda done that in high school. ;-)

I think it would be a worthwhile project and I have a video I made explaining it on YouTube, a donation site ( ), and a site with a more in-depth explanation of the project ( ).

I know some people who will help out with some funds (in fact we are sitting at 1% of our goal already), but I figure that you all know a fair amount of people I don't that might be interested in supporting this kind of project. Because this is a do-it-yourself-without-support-from-my-district-unless-it-is-successful-and-then-they-will-love-it kind of project, I am not sure if you could support it in some official capacity, but I figure that given all the money will be used to directly support students, and half of them young women, there might be some publicity you could give it regardless...even if it is just through your personal social networks.

The intention is to have a lot of people donate a little maybe you could help spread the word to some people who would spread the word to some people who know? Donations for this project could also be made directly to my school for a non-profit receipt if clearly identified as being for the game programming club at my school. This would not be done through the crowdfunding link, but the funds could also be used for the project and students would still be able to keep the computers according to the school administrator who oversees clubs.

Let me know if you would like to be more involved with this project, if you have any suggestions for the website/project as a whole, or if you have suggestions about different projects you think my students and I should look into.

Regardless of your ability to help on the project that we currently have running, I would really like to be able to feature role models for my young women throughout next year…and I believe that you and your organization are just the kind of role models that could make a difference...especially for my young female students interested in game design/programming.

While this might not look like a traditional game for change, the purpose of the project is to inspire my students through the creation of a game. They would be engaged in creating a game for their peers and one that hopefully will inspire them to continue their game creation careers.

If you are interested in helping, please contact me at

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