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Your Vision: By giving the right kind of user feedback during lessons, placing students in an environment of peer motivation, and rewarding them with in-game items, currency, and experience points for doing work, we will create an online school experience that feels meaningful and will motivate students to progress in their school work the same way games motivate us to keep playing. Outside of lessons students will create avatars with which to explore an awe inspiring 3D game world; a futuristic high school on an island floating in the sky inhabited by thousands.

Conversation: This is a tall vision, not easily executed.  B.F.Skinner's Walden Two was a classic book that was never implemened tor a real community.  Your design of a community in space must be a balance between what is possible near term and not too far into "science fiction" that abounds outthere that are just fantasy and have no real possiblity of a reality in the next several generation to count as "educational and motivating" to current generation of K-12 and college students as you appear to be targeting.


Visual Learning with Creativity Culture Tools for STEM Education Ch...

I'd be glad to participate in this project. I am entering secondary education, teaching chemistry, math, and German. I had planned on creating interactive video lectures for my classes. I would love the chance to enhance that idea into something even more instructive and engaging.

-Sam Macfarlane

Excellent. Glad to hear you are interested. Send me an Email at

What engine will you be using? RealmCrafter? HeroEngine? Abyssal?

It will be a browser based Unity game.



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