I have this educational business game project on indiegogo and I'm looking for alternatives to funding: http://igg.me/at/venturetales/x/4877913

Any ideas appreciated, thanks.

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Hell very ambitious idea nice job!

I wonder if you could have this game exist entirely from within a bakery (visually that is) and have the other parts of the business be accessed through a drop down menu or small images like a computer on a desk, or a notebook etc.? I think people would love to see a bakery grow and it's ripe for so many fun and yummy visuals. Any thoughts? 

Hi, thanks for the support.

I think that if the game has such a level of detail, it would be imposible to finish, because it would need so many assets, it would need to include objects for computers, ovens, cars, machines of all types, tools, etc. 

So, as Robin Hughes says below, either we should scale down the idea, maybe to a couple of specific types if businesses. Or have a system that allows us to skip all the specific details of each business. For example, what if the games was all about spaking to different types of people?, that way we could have different graphics for people, and text to specify their jobs. We could have many types of mechanics, IT specialist, wokers, doctors, politicians, etc, without the need to specify how they work, or show that graphically. Like a visual novel for example. Using mostly text would allow us to need much less resources.

But after more than a year of the campaign, the project is on hold, I am trying to find a way to build the resources needed to start a small prototype of this project.

I agree. It is a very ambitious project. I would suggest scaling down your idea. Once its working and you have proof of idea then it will be easier to get funding. Once you have funding then you will be able to enlarge it.

Wise words. More than a year ago, when I was running the funding campaign, I realized no one (news websites, game websites, forums, people in general) is interested in just an idea, they only care for a project with at least a playable prototype. As time passes this is even more important it seems.

You are right, starting small and then enlarge the project is a good way to go. Thanks for the advice.



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