Project Humble is commencing in 3 days! 

  • The Time Bandits have snatched our hard work and the school's Quest Packages! We only have three days to help Taka, the Genius Space Monkey, finish his time machine and find the Quest Packs! 
  1. With your help we can locate the Quest Packs for the school and restore positive energy and motivation to the Classrooms. If you decide to journey into The Forgotten Time Zone you will need some instructions! 


  1. Introduce yourself to Taka! (In the attachment below)  
  2. Think back to when you were in elementary school what was something that you liked or disliked doing but had to do frequently. For example: reading out loud, completing homework, taking a quiz, it can be anything related to the classroom. Then use your imagination and create a quest around that task. The quests take place on the Planet ISA where anything is possible and the creatures are endless. 
  3. If you have any questions about your mission ask before you depart.
  4. It's time to collaborate Sidekicks, put on your thinking caps and strap in for the ride! 

 The first Quest Pack was spotted by a student falling out of a Time Bandit's  backpack at the entrance of the wormhole as they made their escape. It was our Homework Quest Package that we finished yesterday, it looked something like this! 

Homework Quest

Classroom Challenge: 75% of students turn in their homework for 5 consecutive days. 


The Time Bandits have been planning a raid on the water supply for the Mother JellyFish tree.


Prevent the raid by completing your homework for 5 days in a row! Each assignment helps Taka build a new part for his time machine! Remember we need all the help we can get! This is going to be a tricky mission! 


100% of the class turns in their homework for 5 consecutive days. 

Mission Complete: 5500 Classroom Points

Bonus: 7500 Classroom Points

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Here is a template for our Sidekicks to use! 

(Name of Quest)

Classroom Challenge: 







Mission Complete: (#) Classroom Points

Bonus: (#) Classroom Points

Quest for the missing basketballs!

Classroom Challenge: Successfully check out and return 15 basketballs within one week. 

 Problem: The stealthy chameleon witnessed the time bandits hiding your classroom basketballs in the rainforest realm! 


Mission: Recover the basketballs, team up with your friends and head into the rainforest! You may have to play a ball game in order to discover the location of the hidden basketballs. 


Bonus: Bring back every checked out ball this week so that the time bandits can not steal them again. 

Mission Complete: (4000) Classroom Points

Bonus: (2000) Classroom Points

Nice Cierra! This is a very creative way to keep the classroom balls from getting lost on the playground! Can't wait to test it out with our classes! 

The Sealed Archive

Classroom Challenge: Have 15 students read out loud in one day.


 The Time Bandits have cast a spell on your Library and the books are sealed!


 Have your students read out loud 15 times to unlock the books.


Have every student in the class read out loud.


Mission Complete: (3000) Classroom Points

Bonus: (3000) Classroom Points

The Sealed Archive

Classroom Challenge: 98% of your students come to class.

 The Time Bandits are growing in number and we need your perseverance to defeat them!


 98% or more of your class have to attend class.


100% of your class arrives


Mission Complete: (3000) Classroom Points

Bonus: (10,000) Classroom Points

Jake, attendance is a huge part of learning, way to make it into a quest or in this case a recruitment of sidekicks! 

What do you think about extending the goal and making it more of an individual challenge?

i.e. The Time Bandits are growing in number and we need your help! By showing up to school for 5 days in a row, you can help the heroes prevent the bandits from doing anything mischievous.  

Your bonus is epic! 100% classroom attendance is a true sign of motivation. Keep the good ideas coming! 

Eric great idea making this a quest for both the teacher and the students! 

Maybe adding a little bit more to the Problem would be beneficial.

i.e. The Heroes protected your classroom from the spell so your books are not sealed. Use the power of reading out loud to help break the spell in the library and free the books! 

The kids are going to love this quest, hopefully the teachers will too since they are the leader of this quest.

Also the bonus is great, maximizing motivation in the classroom is our goal. Getting everyone to participate definitely helps us reach that goal.  



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