Impact is the natural currency of all things.  From the Galactic scale to the atomic, impact is measurable.

Now what do I mean by that?  Here is a familiar example: A man sits under a tree contemplating the mysteries of life and suddenly an apple falls on his head. This man we all know was Newton and from that event he formed his ideas on gravity. So where is the impact? Well we find it as a series of "give and take", or positive and negative influences on the things around it. In this case we had the pull of the earth on the apple, the apple itself, the man sitting and his thoughts at that time, and the results of those ideas he formed based on that event. So impact could be recorded at each micro-event, (the apple falling, the apple hitting his head, the idea that was formed, how it changed modern thinking, and so on).

So it can be said that Newtons impact on the past, present, and future of mankind has been, is, and will be great.

Now imagine society empowered by this model.

Imagine that instead of living to work, we lived to live and everyday was as fin and exciting as the best of games. Imagine a world were we naturally collaborate more often and with less friction.  Where ideas are able to bear fruit no matter were they come from. A world where life is abundance and no one has to want for anything. This is the world a small shift to focusing on impact can make. And the cool part is that this shift is nearly effortless across industries and borders.

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