I’m on this site looking to learn more about ARGs and how to use them in my classroom. I teach high school English and about half of my students have special needs.

I was wondering: has anyone here actually used an ARG in a school setting?

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I don't know about an arg however I know that there is a school that uses game thinking as a prime teaching method. It was mentioned in Jane McGonigals Book.


Also there is this gentleman http://sloanconsortium.org/effective_practices/arg-creating-alterna...

are we talking about alternate reality games or augmented reality games?

If it's augmented then ... well I don't know if it's been done however Disney has always had a special relationship with kids right? Maybe they've got some program going.

They've got some new technology it seems and it's pretty awesome http://www.technologyreview.com/news/428736/disney-researchers-add-...

Good Luck! :)

I will certainly have to check this out.  Thanks for the quick reply!



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