Hey Guys,

Recently, I've been thinking, writing my own story within my mind so to speak, and I think it's about time we write one hell of a story, one with multiple endings and multiple ways of getting there. I'm talking about a game that is more about the journey then the end, one that relies of the players ability to tell the in game world how they feel, and not their ability to give the answer they think the game wants. Something with the needs of the Sims world, but with the world of Skyrim, or Fable. Something EPIC,a game which requires real feelings and not the preset ones that appear in most games, we need to make something different, to allow people to express themselves.

Not sold yet? Well what if I told you that a game like this could possibly will help to solve issues such as anxiety and depression? Studies indicate that telling someone your problems, and expressing yourself help you to see how you can get through a problem, so in other words if you play as an avatar who is depressed and then you speak to one of the other characters in the game about what is happening in your avatars life then won't that too help you with your problems? I believe it can, as Jane said, people are leaving reality in droves because games satisfy them so much more in terms of mental responses, this game would be able to do that.

My challenge for you is to talk about what type of game this would be, would it be set in a fantasy world with Magic, and mystical creatures, or would it be set closer to home, in a kind of modern day teen lifestyle? The possibilities are endless, leave your synopsis here and let's see what we all manage to come up with!!!!



  • Game World (Fantasy Style, set where, specifics)
  • Basic story outline (Essentially, a starting an end point)
  • Game Specifics (Multiplayer/single/coop etc.)
  • Planning of Challanges
  • See something that needs adding, speak to me!! :D

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I like this concept. It reminds me of some reading I've been doing in a book by Lee Sheldon called "Character Development and Storytelling for Games." (Which everyone should get!) I think a fantasy setting would work well, especially if you incorporate animorphs and such. 

I agree, it'd allow people to have much more expression within the game; adopting the traits of their favourite animals and the like.

Heyyy, I think you just put excellent words of something I want to participate on for very long time!

I have encountered quite a few stories that hit the right chords in right time and gave me numerous insights and emotional breakthroughs (most recently Katawa Shoujo) and idea of doing something simillar sounds incredibly exhilarating.

I would definetly vote for for fantasy setting, but not only ADaD type, It could be oddworld (Another world, Heart of darkness, Abe games) or combination of settings like Longest Journey.

Would it be primarly single or multiplayer? Story or cooperation based?

for the fantasy setting, just for flexibility reasons. If it were entirely, up to me, I'd make it a single player story with a cooperative/multi player mode. That's just simply to allow people to play on their own if they want to.

What ever it is it would need to be big, and allow multiple situations to take place.

What jumped to my mind was Eliza, the early AI program that mimicked a therapist's "listening mode" type responses. Some people who played it were hooked and began confessing some pretty personal feelings and demanding more time with Eliza.

My top-'o-head thoughts would be to incorporate a similar AI-type exchange maybe as a "spirit guide" or a "sidekick," along with quests that challenge the player to solve social dilemmas. The dilemmas could involve variable/flexible Sims or real people (playing as avatars) or preprogrammed characters but the idea would be for the player to stop and "chat" with the spirit guide to think through the various actions and consequences as the action unfolds. Maybe too heady and psychological. Perhaps a fantasy game is more freeing.

That's a great idea, I hadn't thought of having a sidekick, it would definitely allow the player to develop a bond with the game. I think we'd be able to easily hook it into the game as well, so that's great.

The AI thing sounds awesome, Lorraine :)It would probably take some experimenting, but great idea.

Is project purely at the level of thought or you allready wrote some ideas wich would gave sense of direction? (characters,challenges etc...)

At the moment we are just in the thought processes, but I'd like to see the idea get past the Design phase. I haven't personally written ideas for any of the characters or challenges, although I have done some brainstorming on some ideas I have for characters.

And are you guys looking for collaborators or just collecting ideas? :)

Definitely a bit of both, I'd love to see the game get up and running. I'll probably make a group or something once this discussion is finished. Just so we can see who would be interested in helping out.

Awesome, I would love to participate in any way that will be relevant. I compose music in various styles and it would be great kick in the butt to work on my language and storytelling skills...

@Jiri Santora Sweet as! This game would be about telling your own story, so it's an excellent place to work on your language skills, I mean, nothing worse than a story with no truth to it.

Just an update for everyone who is interested in helping out just from reading this, I've developed a list of things we are really going to need in order to get this game up and running, I've put in the main post also, just so newcomers don't have to read the latter of this discussion.


  • Game World (Fantasy Style, set where, specifics)
  • Basic story outline (Essentially, a starting an end point)
  • Game Specifics (Multiplayer/single/coop etc.)
  • Planning of Challanges
  • See something that needs adding, speak to me!! :D



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