Hey Guys,

Recently, I've been thinking, writing my own story within my mind so to speak, and I think it's about time we write one hell of a story, one with multiple endings and multiple ways of getting there. I'm talking about a game that is more about the journey then the end, one that relies of the players ability to tell the in game world how they feel, and not their ability to give the answer they think the game wants. Something with the needs of the Sims world, but with the world of Skyrim, or Fable. Something EPIC,a game which requires real feelings and not the preset ones that appear in most games, we need to make something different, to allow people to express themselves.

Not sold yet? Well what if I told you that a game like this could possibly will help to solve issues such as anxiety and depression? Studies indicate that telling someone your problems, and expressing yourself help you to see how you can get through a problem, so in other words if you play as an avatar who is depressed and then you speak to one of the other characters in the game about what is happening in your avatars life then won't that too help you with your problems? I believe it can, as Jane said, people are leaving reality in droves because games satisfy them so much more in terms of mental responses, this game would be able to do that.

My challenge for you is to talk about what type of game this would be, would it be set in a fantasy world with Magic, and mystical creatures, or would it be set closer to home, in a kind of modern day teen lifestyle? The possibilities are endless, leave your synopsis here and let's see what we all manage to come up with!!!!



  • Game World (Fantasy Style, set where, specifics)
  • Basic story outline (Essentially, a starting an end point)
  • Game Specifics (Multiplayer/single/coop etc.)
  • Planning of Challanges
  • See something that needs adding, speak to me!! :D

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Love that! :)

My first, rough suggestions based on my current beliefs and "observations":

Game world, story outline, planning of challanges - How about writing a few short stories

with different setting and characters, so we can read each others work and choose how to mix them together, or how to try again in a different way? Because all those separate things essentially make a story, in other words, we all feel that without those, story is incomplete.

It would be good creative start.

This is aslo good place to write a few key elements I belive make stories exciting for me.

Feel free to correct or expand!

- honesty - This one is kind of difficult, but I will do my best :D

When I write or make music, there should be always this feeling of "comfortable flow", when I dont judge and just letting it be whatever it is right now knowing, that it is right. Every artist talks about "not pushing" and "being in the zone". For me at this moment, it basically means knowing that the thing we are looking for is allready "there" and all we need to do is feel it, dont judge it and be as honest as possible about when its working and when its not.

Challenges and transformation -

We are all going through the challenges and transformations every single day. 

We change wit our every thought and emotion. I belive one of the reasons why some stories struck so deep chord within me is, that they showed me simmilar problems/challenges I was going through and maybe wasnt aware of them (gave me "permission slip", so to speak). Sometimes they even gave me good answer to those problems. All in an amazing, emotional way that dry facts could never do. I felt like people who made them really comunicated with me.

mystery - I love when story keeps me hooked until I finish it. I love to wonder what will hapen next, what will I learnd about characters and the world... I love when story "explains itself"

Single/multiplayer - I would first focus on game, single player and story. I belive once we figure out game world and mechanics, it would be much easier to come up with good multiplayer. I suggest to simply work on the game with knowing, that we will figure out multiplayer at the right time.

Wow! Loving this so far, the short story thing is bound to rack up some really amazing ideas , and as for challenging the norm by well, using problems that everyone faces, we should be able to recreate a realistic environment even if we choose to go with the fantasy setting. 

One thing I forgot to mention we'll need to plan for are the fundamental basics. These include: The Goal (Will need the story, but also the goal is to help people feel better), The Rules(So like you can't just lie to the game), Feedback (What players get for playing, achievements etc) and Finally we'll need something that will players want to play. [Items taken from Reality is Broken]

Yesss! Exactly! :))

Those are brilliant insights, Jane rocks...
As you allready wrote, the goal for me would be bring fresh, connecting experience, that would as many people as possible be able to use like a tool to uplift themselves and be more of who they want to be.

If we can do that, it would be also feedback to the player (how better can art serve us,right?). But you probably meant things within game (achivements, recognition of players progress, eh... Award ceremony :D) 

Im confused with rules, you mean what player can and cant do, like laws of the game and the world? Like chess rules, where certain figures can do only certain things? Setting this would be deffinetly good idea and would help to shape world to more concrete... eh.. shape :D

And "something that will players want to play", in other words telling the story in a way, that will be appealing for us and players?

Wow, nice. We could brainstorm stuff and archetypal symbols that we are connected to, do some research or just acknowledge it and use it in our "example stories"

Anyway, I gotta go now so Ill just post this message, sorry if something I worte doesnt make sense. Look forward to feedback and what will happen :)

If you are still interested, I think I am about to finish my story.

I will still need it to translate it, but that shouldnt take much time. Should I just post it here, make new topic or send you PM?

"I'm talking about a game that is more about the journey than the end"

To speak in terms of a game world, the set of the PS3 game Journey (2012) comes to mind almost immediately as a place for you to study.

A game's location can subtly influence its tone and help carry larger metaphors like the ones you hope to craft. Journey is an organic telling of the hero's journey, and to create an epic tone, most of the game takes place in large, yet minimalistic locations, giving the player time to think, yet the space is populated enough to maintain engagement. There are some locations that fly past the player, brilliantly and beautifully when we want them to know excitement, and others spaces that creep out of the fog and swallow the avatar whole, forcing their inspiration to progress to come from within.

Imagine a space populated by metaphors for your doubts and aspirations*, a space in which you can use specific emotions you've equipped yourself with**, emotions that you discover from other character/player's anonymous mental fragments*** that you in turn can emotionally tag and claim for your current, ongoing mental identity (avatar) or refuse and quite possibly return to the characters that authored them.

*   maybe something like "applying for a job" takes place in a circus tent full of interactive advice and the climax is that you have to cross a tightrope or jump through fiery hoops while the game asks you interview questions and answers can get "tagged" (emotionally dissected)  by other players or just upvoted for quality / inspiration by other players.

**  happy = accept, sad = refuse, anger might translate as "attack", regret as "undo", loneliness might populate an empty space, etc.

*** a locked door might read "a little knowledge is a dangerous thing". Accepting this might give you "curiosity" and "fear". Refusing might let you exchange one emotion from the phrase with one you've already acquired so that it's a phrase you can integrate with your identity. Changing "curiosity" to "confidence" might make "a little knowledge" change to "a lot of knowledge", while changing fear to happiness might read "a little knowledge is a wonderful thing" 



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