As if paperwork wasnt pointless enough, Europe created a network of fake businesses with real employees

This is in the "games for change" section because its relevant, while very opposite. Its a game trying to keep things as they are, to give people a "purpose" to their lives as moving paperwork around that goes in the garbage since its not real. They say people want to feel like part of a bigger process, even if it does nothing useful. To save Europe's economy, this game is what they came up with. If thats among their best few solutions, you can see why their economy is doing so bad in the first place... Imagine, pretending to get work done and really being paid for it. But you dont have to imagine, because you can really apply for these fake jobs and get paid.

It's great that unemployed people in Europe are pretending they have real jobs

It sounds like something out of a dystopian novel: Across Europe, hundreds of fake companies have been set up. They function just like a normal corporation would — employees send out invoices, pay bills, even apply for loans — but they don't actually produce anything.

The sham corporations exist for the benefit of the jobless across Europe, desperate to be retrained and put to work. It is "an elaborate training network that effectively operates as a parallel economic universe,"

What if it wasnt just for "training"... What did Enron do that got many of them jailed and their internal company records made public? They pretended to be doing work or to have certain money amounts moving for nonexistant products. Europe admits to doing exactly that, except they claim they always tell the world when these fake records are fakes. Yeah, I believe you Europe. You're not training an army of Enronlike employees who dont ask questions and just move the fake numbers through.

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