Hi everyone! I have question on educational games and games for learning.

Against what standards, requirements, steps or tests can a game be proven to succeed as a game for learning? Its been said at G4C that "proving" a games effectivesness throu gh research is one best way. Such as studies, focus groups or pilots, which often take a big effort.

Others mention using Common Core or other major standards for proofing. I know that for certain award and grants, they require a group in Academia to test the feasibility of a game and its goal (such as helping students learn addition or word breakdown patterns).

Can anyone shed some light on this aspect of games for education?


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I know that Farmville was never designed as a game for learning. But when my youngest kid, at 5 years old, learned how to calculate percentages on time to harvest on time, I realized he had learned.
So, what I mean is, I think games can teach and the best way to know if they taught well is to discover what the kids know. In most cases the game is an accessory a teacher might use. The teacher should be able to tell if the students' knowledge has improved.

I am sure there are tests too, but observation will give you the first results.



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