Merging the walled off virtual worlds and websites - The game of making the world more gameful

I'm doing opensource Artificial Intelligence (AI) research and am trying to mix that with new gameful ways people can interact with eachother. The Internet was supposed to be an explosion of creativity and new ways of doing things, but its mostly walled off. Each website is for a different group. If multiple games can be played through facebook, you cant take things from one game and use them in another.

If we had a way to connect many of these "walled off" parts of the web and virtual worlds, then creating new kinds of games would become a game in itself. Anyone could do it as easily as playing with javascript in html files is today, except this time it would all be in 1 shared space where everything can interact with everything else.

I think anyone can learn to build or at least use AI to have it learn things and become part of our games, painting interesting patterns on the screen, evolving new musical instruments you play with the mouse or microphone or plug your electric guitar into the computer.

To merge the virtual worlds and websites in a gameful way, they must be able to share some of their internal workings, but few virtual worlds (self) would trust other virtual worlds enough to allow them to change the internal workings of self. So any solution would have to allow observing eachother and each self would choose which changes to make to self, to accept some messages from other virtual worlds, interpreted however self prefers, and to ignore others. Each self must stay in control of the internal workings of self. What I'm trying to add to that is a standard way each virtual world or other kind of website can share parts of itself with the world to interact with the same standard others share.

Then we would have something to build "bridges" between parts of the web and virtual worlds, and the gameful part of it would be: How do we get these many "walled off" groups, games, virtual worlds, and parts of the web to drop some of their walls in a safe way so we can be many places at once and continue what the Internet was supposed to be, an explosion of creativity and new ways of doing things?

I dont have all those answers, but I've built some opensource early prototypes of parts of it, like a new kind of mindmap which uses the very simple and advanced data format of, technically its immutable binary forest nodes and is similar to blockchains. I dont want to bore you with technical details, but this is leading to a practical ability to take gameful to a new level across the world. The game is how to turn the world into a more gameful place. The game pieces are being laid out, of which my stuff is only part of. The players are finding eachother. The world is changing faster each year. Its time to play the game of making the world more gameful. Its a game we build from inside the game. Its lacking fun graphics and ways of connecting to eachother, but that will soon be working, and the game to accelerate all games will be in every corner of the world. Gameful rises!

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