What would it take to get 1 billion people to build something together online?

Whats the minimum tool set and ways of social networking and motivating eachother, and how simple must it be?

It wouldnt have to start big, just be able to scale as more people joined the project.

At minimum we must have a root data format thats really simple, from which lists, hashtables, text, pictures, and other needed tools can be built with. Binary trees that can share branches with eachother could satisfy this requirement while not being the most efficient. Whatever happens to work, it wont be the way things are done now that everything is called from a server each time you need it and cached locally. Data must be able to refer to other data independent of where it came from. Servers are how we talk to eachother, not what we should be talking about.

It would need to be fun and have fast forms of motivation, like in games theres always the next level or ability to be gained. You never have to do anything for an hour and not feel its effects. Working together on the design of new game objects could be fun this way. There are other AI problems too.

What would it take to get 1 billion people to build something together online? This is something I'm trying to make happen, but the world has organized itself around small groups that each want the others to at most not have anything bad happen to them, and working together is usually a selfish act on both sides. Opensource has overcome much of that, and I'm looking for ways to expand those kind of paradigms in massively multiplayer games.

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I just got an email 2020-1-15 that this thread from 2015 was approved.

I've been working on this and here's my progress https://github.com/benrayfield/occamsfuncer a universal lambda function that can build all possible things computers can do and the user interface will be (TODO) drag and drop thing onto thing to find or create thing. Theres alot of work to do in making it fast enough to be practical and aligning it to the ways people think.



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