Good morning everyone,

I've joined Gameful yesterday and this group today.  I'm a software developer, analyst, writer, poet, gamer, dreamer, artist, lifelong learner, and M.Ed student,  I also have diabetes, chronic pain, melanoma, and sometimes have to try really hard not to get depressed.   I was inspired by the story of Superbetter and the possibility of using games to cure chronic or acute illness. 

I'm looking forward to interacting with everyone in this group.  I have a couple of game ideas/concepts and frankly need constant reminders to maintain my motivation.  There are just so many things that have to get done in the day, that the things we want to get done seem to slip away.

How does this Group discussion forum work?  Can someone point me in the direction of rules, etc?  Is this a safe place to discuss our game concepts without fear of them being co-opted?  I had a recent bad experience at school where one of my ideas was co-opted and regurgitated as 'theirs' which makes me a little leery of sharing anything. 

Of course I know that online=public, but would just like to know what your experience has been here at Gameful.

Any tips or advice for making the most of this wonderful community are much appreciated.

Thanks for sharing!

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Good morning Linda and welcome to the group!

I am with Healthy Minds Canada ( and we raise money for research and education in mental health and addictions.  We are currently developing a prototype for a multi-platform (iOS, Android, etc) aimed at youth (9-18) re: mental health and all main diagnostic categories in the DSM-V (16 chapters as per our When Something's Wrong resource handbooks).  The prototype and Game 1 will be about bullying, but depression will definitely be a future level or game.   I'd be very interested in adding a component about mental wellness around the issue of chronic pain and depression that could help teach behavioral elements that help maintain a positive outlook and manage pain (without drugs or medication).  Of course, medication is a large component of many mental illnesses and will be featured in the depression component, but your perspective may be of value and interest.   The angle we'd be coming from is how to incorporate a story line with actionable situations where the player can gain awareness, earn rewards (points that can be used both in the game and off-line) AND where we can measure empathy and understanding.

If you'd like to contribute to the game story line, that would be awesome.  One caveat is that I do not know a timeline for this level in the game.  Depression is likely to be Game number 2, but we need to start our Kickstarter campaign first and - of course - be successful in that!  Katie

Hi Linda and welcome. I had the same fear of intellectual property theft as you when I first joined a couple months ago. In the end I changed my philosophy and decided that if someone takes my ideas and uses them for good rather than selfish personal gain, then I am happy to contribute to a better society.

My [honest] experience with Gameful so far has been pretty disappointing. My post has been at the top of the leaderboards since I posted it sometime in December and I only have three replies (not counting my own). It's a largely inactive community but I certainly want to change that by offering as much MEANINGFUL feedback as I can, although admittedly, yours is the only post I've replied to yet. So please share your ideas! I promise I won't leech.

Lastly, I'm fairly certain the only rule is do unto others as you would have them do to you.

Anyway, whether or not you share, I wish you success.




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