What are everyone favorite health games?

I would list: Superbetter, Fitocracy, Wii Fit Plus, Wii Sports Resort, and Wii Sports. I also like to go to the gym and imagine each machine is a game. I call it going to the imaginasium. 

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That's a good question. At first I thought I would love Wii Fit, but then I found it incredibly SLOW. And I'm not talking about exercises, but all transitions between them. I ended up hating it because I was simply wasting my time : (

I've found that simply measuring what I do - talking about running - makes me trying to beat my own mark. Be it time or speed, using a phone with GPS that registers my run is great for pushing your limits. In that sense, MapMyRun, which is not exactly a game, works great for me : )

Oh yes! I'm glad you mentioned that. I've been meaning to try MapMyRun. I think that kind of tool can end up being a springboard for interesting games. I mean, it's like a game interface without a story.

Have you tried Wii Fit Plus? If you already have all the other equipment you might rent that one. I found the same thing with Wii Fit, but the update (which in my opinion should have been the way the first version worked) lets you create a more seamless routine.



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