With the implementation of the chat on Gameful 2.0, I was wondering if anyone's interested in playing games in the main chat room? It would be a way to meet new people, and be an icebreaker for conversations. I'm just throwing this out there so any ideas and suggestions are welcome!

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What a great idea! And a great medium to design a game :D

I don't have any ideas for this, but I'd like to throw a few things out there to help people along in their own ideas:

1.  There are unique obstacles when designing a game for this format.  Traditional feedback and progression must be considered carefully.

2.  Will there be a tutorial/instructions anywhere in the chat?  Will newcomers know what is going on, and does it even matter if they do?

3.  When does a chat game end?  If it has no end, what is the player's goal?



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