MMOOPDG: INITIATION (Massively Multiplayer Online & Offline Personal Development Game)

If humans interacted better there would be no war, neither in Afghanistan nor in your kitchen or at work. I think we interact based on thoughtware we learned from our parents and in childhood, very old thoughtware that has been passed on generation after generation. The purpose of the old thoughtware is survival, being adaptive, giving our center away, manipulating, power struggles, etc., completely ignoring the possibility that human beings are designed to do more than merely survive; we're designed to live.

For 37 years a small team of us has developed a treasure chest of new thoughtware, plus the processes for producing ongoing authentic adulthood initiations. The results are astonishing. Also I have parts of a story. We are designing a new genre of MMO game called MMOOPDG (Massively Multiplayer Online and Offline Personal Development Game). It's a real life game, real name, real character, and you only get matrix points for PROVING you did the edgework experiments yourself in real life by posting photos, certificates, videos, etc. online. The game is called Initiation.

Here is a graphic:

Yes, that's a Gremlin. But notice who holds the chain, and notice he's not the least bit disempowered, simply re-purposed... He is serving her purpose. Notice the most powerful tool is a paint brush, how to paint new possibilities.

Every part of the picture operates in real life, and in the gameworld. We need project manager, developer (although I have a good connection with an Eastern European developer who I met at the Collogne, Germany 2012 Gamescom) and finances.

Let me know if any part of this twinkles yer twitters, or if you know of anybody who might like to get in on this. Thanks.

Clinton Callahan

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Hey Cilnton,

It sounds very intersting - I didn't understand what are you looking for specifically on this project...

Can you clarify?

Hi Benny,

This is a big, long, multi-dimensional and world-changing project. I am sniffing around for serious, professional long term collaborators who get what the project is and can't be stopped from contributing to the project. Collaborators means for everything, and without already having a budget. I will be in Los Angeles from ZDay on 17 March to about 28 March, and a meeting with serious collaborators could be most productive. What are you working on?

Hi Clinton.. i signed up with gameful after reading about your idea. This sounds very interesting to me. What are you plans on this. And how could one collaborate. Pointer to any documents, articles, project plan will be helpful.



Hi Clinton,

Any updates on this?



Hello Eric and Everybody at Gameful,

Thanks for asking. This project develops.

We added a core partner here in Germany, who is helping design multi-platform functionality, specifying gameplay, developing storyline, and so on. The necessity is increasing exponentially for this game to serve as a gateway for people to engage in authentic ongoing adulthood initiation, to gain matrix points in reality that hold more consciousness, and to establish seed crystals of sustainable culture in the global ethnoshere. So we continue.

Why are you asking, pray tell?

I will upload a working draft of the game design, questions, and specifications. Any suggestions and connections are welcome!


Some game test photos - for building matrix....


Here are drafts of the Project Plan and Game Design and Strategy. Any suggestions?


Start with a smaller game and work up. I am similar to you in that I have big ideas about creating a game that interacts with the real world. However over time I have realised that a lot of the big inventors out there started small. Prove your idea and then people are more likely to be prepared to buy into a bigger project.



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