(Please forgive me if this is the incorrect place/way to post this)  

I recently started a tabletop campaign using Heroes Unlimited as a system for character generation and power provider (Most of the actual game will take place in the Fate/Fudge System) 

At the start of the campaign I knew I wanted to have an escape scene, where my heroes (Villains, really [Well, anti-villians really) had to fight for their freedom. I also knew that a sprawling complex, even an underground one like this one, would lead for a really confusing narrative. 

I also was marginally sure that anytime I could get the players engaged, I was increasing the importance of the story. So I did what comes naturally to so many of us. I made it into a game. 


1. A player has three actions each turn

  Actions are

  • Crossing a border
  • Searching a room
  • Attacking
  • Trying to Effect the environment

2. When a player enters a new room, they attach new tiles to the proper entrances on the existing card.  The way they choose is based loosely on Ticket to Ride. Five cards are laid out on the table face up. The player may attach these cards to the map in any order they like. One card remains face up on the deck. If a player selects this card to add to the map with, the must fill in all other spaces this turn with the cards on the pile directly below the first. 

3. When the player has completed their actions or, alternatively, hold their actions for later in the rotation, the next player goes. When all players have taken a turn, the GM takes theirs. The GM mostly exists to add enemies and obstacles, as well as using dead ends to shape the board. 

The game goes on for several "Levels" (as many as needed for the story.) The level ends when players reach a special staircase tile. One is hidden in the player deck, and the GM holds on in their hands at all times.

When a stairway is reached, all tiles but that one our collected, shuffled and replaced in the deck. Play begins as normal. 

As is, play ends when players reach an exit card. Exit cards won't be revealed until later levels, at the GM's leisure. Currently, there are three exit cards, each leaving to a different scene that is contextually relevant to the game. 

This is less a full game and more game tool. I just wanted to get some feedback on things like turn processes and ideas for different types of tiles that I could add. 

Thanks for reading, and I would love to hear any questions, critiques and comments. 

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