This morning i woke up with a Brilliant Idea, and I just had to come online and find a place to share it!

Imagine, if you will, a space colony. This space colony can be located on Mars, Saturn's moon Titan, an asteroid, what have you. When you look at the space colony, it is teeming with activity: buildings being built, quarries being excavated, materials being transported from here to there, vehicles ranging outside the colony cataloging resources and scanning the landscape.

But look closer... there are no life support systems, no bubbles over the living areas, no oxygen pumps, no food production... no people at all! 

What if I told you, every activity taking place on this colony is performed by a drone, remotely controlled by someone back here on Earth! Imagine the possibilities!

What would you do if you logged into Titan, chose your drone and saw through its camera the colony displayed on your computer screen? Would you explore outside the colony, mapping the terrain, cataloging resources and performing tests for the scientists to analyze? Would you get to work, building future living spaces for the intrepid colonists to come in the future? Would you think of the potential profit, extracting minerals from the quarries and hoping for a large enough haul to get a kickback? 

Just think how quickly a monumental project like building a viable colony on Titan could be finished if the entire world collaborated on its construction!

What would it take to make this happen?

Would you be willing to participate?

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Brandi, you are really on to something here! As you pointed out the collaboration of the world would be essential to make this idea a reality. But the sense of AWE that is inspired by the scale of your idea is astounding. No wonder you had to share this with the Gameful Community! THANK YOU!

As a Global Community we need to help motivate ideas and actions in the direction that you are thinking. We all must swim upstream together against the currently "broken reality" we live in!

Gamers can unite together and be the tiny pebble that creates a big ripple in the sea of humanity. 

The possibilities seem endless with the world uniting behind a goal like this. Keep the AWEsome ideas coming Brandi :D 

Are you still into doing this? What MMO DevKits are you looking at?



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