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game of quests - a game +activity tracking app

Started by Bartek Zaborowski. Last reply by Robin Hughes Mar 24, 2015. 8 Replies

Hello everyone :)I don't know if im posting this in a right group, so please let me know if it should be posted somewhere else :)I'm asking you for your advices or ideas about project that I'm…Continue

Tags: activity tracking app, real life game, Game of Quests

MMOOPDG: INITIATION (Massively Multiplayer Online & Offline Personal Development Game)

Started by Clinton Callahan. Last reply by Robin Hughes Mar 19, 2015. 8 Replies

If humans interacted better there would be no war, neither in Afghanistan nor in your kitchen or at work. I think we interact based on thoughtware we learned from our parents and in childhood, very…Continue

Tags: game, development, massively, multiplayer, online

Sounds intriguing

Started by Daniel Beitscher. Last reply by Clinton Callahan Jan 13, 2013. 1 Reply

I have some concepts that I would like to add to your game design, it sounds really awesome!

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Comment by Dave Brown on May 25, 2014 at 9:14pm
Almost exactly the concept in my mind :)

To realize this kind of game/system, what do you see is needed?
What kind of resources do we need?
What skills?
Comment by Ruben Idigora Echarte on April 30, 2014 at 2:45pm

I'm so into this!

Comment by Clinton Callahan on February 4, 2013 at 4:43pm

Hi Michael,

I like your thinking. It starts at the edge and goes further. We are coming to USA west coast in March April 2013. A visit might be a great way to move this conversation forward. What city are you in? you can write me at clinton at nextculture dot com.

Comment by Miguel T Jupiter on February 4, 2013 at 4:23pm

What if this were like World of Warcraft a little.

  1. We would have wikis with strategies to identify our "Roles" that we play in order to add value to others and then practice role centrered strategies that play to our personalities strengths. And those strategy guides help us to become more powerful adventurers and team players (roger hamiltons wealth dynamics).
  2. In learning how to get into flow with adding value we would be able to exchange that value for further abundance and achieve wealth. In learning to manage our human, material, and financial resources we would be able to retain that wealth and end our poverty. This would tackle one of the major issues in Evoke. Poverty.
  3. Imagine questors creating companies to manufacture cheaper renewable energy products (Evokes energy) or to create farms that produce high yield "complete" foods like pollen farms (Evokes Starvation). When you find a guild you always ask yourself yourself if they are going to take you towards the adventuring heights that you want with the ethics you approve of. So perhaps organizations should also be guilds where you can see clearly which of these major world goals these organizations are trying to cure (for example energy crisis if oil runs out). In mmos there are some things you can only do with a high level party.
  4. What if jobs were advertised in a way that made it clear what "level" of people could apply. In every game the challenges offered are set up in a way that is just right for your level. Jobs could be clearer about that too. They could also be better at advertising not just skillsets but "roles". We've all seen people who are talented ...but not at the job they were in. It's such a waste right?
  5. What if, when you decide you want to move on from an organization - you had you're own "raid finder" (WoW) and find the kind of quests you wanted to play. There's always work in the real world even if there isn't yet a job for it. It should be easier for find such work.
  6. What if we could, like in MMOs give a shout out to the sky (general chat) and als for advice from experts, and get it - for free. And get advice that will work for us and our class/role/level rather than. for example the level 50 stuff.
  7. Perhaps we could even earn industry valued qualifications by actually working for those industries (alliances/guilds) for example badges in web design created by the companies themselves (mozilla badges)

Is it possible that we could get all the people in this site who want to make self help games/world changing games/educational games/ job hunting games...and build a new platform that changed the game of life so that we could do all of these things?

I do see a lot of different methods being offered which might conflict, but the essential values are the same. So now I'm curious, with all these like minded individuals... why are we a community...instead of a game design company. Because it kinda seems like I'm seeing the same mission statement reflected back at me with a large chunk of the groups on this forum alone. Surely by now we have enough people on here to do it ourselves?


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