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Gaming in Training: Boom or Bust?

I've been in the training business for 24 years, and for close to 20 of those years I've seen efforts to make training materials feel more like games in order to appeal to students who have been playing games for most of their lives. These efforts started with attempts to create immersive 3D "Doom" environments for students to work through and are now up to examining the use of gamification to meet the calls for incorporating gaming into training.

While I've seen many successful…


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Virtual Worlds and Real Life: an autoethnographical journey in online gaming

I stand at the summit, sword in hand. The beast, slain beneath my feet.  It is late and I am exhausted.  At my side are 39 of the most fierce, loyal, brave, and driven companions I have ever fought in battle with.  Five hours of difficult terrain and formidable enemies, minions of the one now dead below my feet, stood between myself and the one I was sent to rid from this world.  Five hours, only to meet the most dangerous foe I have ever…


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Bachelor thesis ARG for improving the design process


we are two german girls who work on our bachelor thesis for the upcoming months. We study Communication and Product Design at the University for Applied Sciences near Stuttgart, Germany.

We are trying to improve the design process, based on cocreation. We think it's easier to connect the people if they have a playful common ground, so they can spread their ideas and creativity open minded, like it is one guiding principle of ARG. 

We want to create a game to…


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Some Gameful perspective


My name is Dave and I'm very new to this site. I don't consider myself a game designer. I consider myself a theater artist, or maybe even a performance artist. I have been developing a performance that attempts to erase the line between performer and audience, to make the two entities become one. I realized a short time ago that what I am making is a game. I've created a game world that allows people to inhabit the world, to play in it for a period of time. The world revolves… Continue

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back in action!

I am finally returning from hibernation! From many things, is one of those!

Coming on strong.. I am even playing League of Legends (which arguably consumed my gametime for the last 4 months).

  • Teaching Middle School again.
  • Working on a curriculum for High School students with the Science deparment.
  • Launched 2 events this month: a…

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So I got an email through Gameful that someone posted a comment on my wall. Of course when I went to look and reply, it was gone.

It said:

Good Day,

How is everything with you, I picked interest on you after going through your short profile and deemed it necessary to write you immediately.I have something very vital to disclose to you, but I found it difficult to express myself here, since it's a public site.Could you please get back to me…


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The MAGICAL game-making community library is here!

The MAGICAL project’s library of digital game making environments for learners is now open. Come and discover fifty different game making tools that…


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Games in Space!

There are a lot of games SET in space, from the primitive but ground breaking games like "Asteroids" to the complex three dimensional environments and thousand year histories of games like Starcraft and Star Wars the Old Republic.  Even non-space-based games like Warcraft have woven space travel as a key component of their mythologies.  But never before have games been developed to play IN space, and it may just be the right time to start developing…


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Looking for Gamers to Help with Harvard Penn Stanford Collaboration - Fix Washington Politics

Howdy all:

My group -- ( is looking for a gamer and collaborator to help us create a really innovative social and political project in collaboration with college kids and profs from Harvard, Stanford, and UPenn. We want to create a game for high schoolers who will adopt avatars as politicians and slog it out over how to fix the debt and balance the U.S. budget. The game will take place over a semester in coordination with American government classes. We hope to teach…


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My favorite game

Hello my friends. This is my first post and  I`m a little nervous. I want to talk to you a little about a flash game site that I found the last days. I found this site searching on google for friv boom and I was very pleased to find a place full of funny games.

There are so many good games over that I think I will post a individual post for every game so that I will talk a little about every one. So until next time I will let you…


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My funny blog

Hello everybody! This is my first post in my blog and I hope that I will write a funny one, a blog which will make you smile every time when you visit it. Because I want to write about funny stuff, like online games or jokes. On of the most funniest games that I have play is Friv Why is this game so funny? Because you are a farmer and you will do all stuff, like plant vegetables, collect eggs and after that sell them to grow…


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Undead Fred : A Grave Tale (Working Title) by Fantasy Studio.

Hello my name is Anthony Karanovich and I am lead designer and founder of Fantasy Studio.

We are working on a 2d platformer game called "Undead Fred: A Grave Tale, which will be our first official released title.The game will be first released for PC, Mac, Android, IOS and Xbox 360.




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Appropriate Age Groups for Games, can we fix this?


 A friend tagged me to this photo not too long ago. I do find this picture rather intriguing, and very true. I grow tired of having to go play online expecting to play with people 17 and up, and come to find myself playing with kids 12 and under instead. This is not the gaming…


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Global Game Jam Announces New "Games for Change" Locations

[sorry for cross-posting]

On January 25-27 hundreds of game makers around the world will create games for social impact in a single weekend

New York - January 9, 2013 - Global Game Jam, Inc. (GGJ) today announced a new partnership with Games for Change (G4C), to celebrate G4C's 10th anniversary and allow GGJ13 participants from all over the world to visit sites that focus specifically on positive social impact. Jesse Schell, renowned game designer, author and…


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The more you play, the more aggressive you become

That is the title of a paper by Brad Bushman and colleagues published in the Journal of Experimental Social Psychology online on 22 Nov 2012. But wait, there is more; the subtitle reads: 'a long-term experimental study of cumulative violent videogame effects on hostile expectations and aggressive behavior'. Read the whole paper here.

I know what you are thinking

Yes, I know this one has a… Continue

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Safe flash games for kids

Friv me uk This flash game is called Bloons tower defense 4 and is one of the most funniest game for all children and not only for them.

So, when you have nothing else to do, you can play Bloons Towr defense on much as you want and all daily problems will be gone. try and you will see. Enjoy!

The best part is that is a safe game for all ages, a part of the well known series called…


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The Program is out! II Games for Change Latin America Festival in São Paulo, Brazil

We are close to the II Games for Change Latin America Festival in São Paulo, Brazil, on December 12-15, at the Latin America Memorial, one of Niemeyer´s masterpieces in São Paulo.…


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A little about me.

Hello to all members that visit my profile. I`m happy to be in such a great community. I know that I`m a newbie but I will learn fast. I`m a long term player from Romania that wants to help and learn. My friends call me Kuki and the project that I working at the moment is called jocuri online and you can see the progress here on

Hello and have all a good day.

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Gameful Gaming Resources

So I've been considering how to encourage some gameful participation, and I decided a gaming resource list might be a good place to start.  It seems like a lot of people come here really encouraged by using games to create change, and maybe they have a great idea for a game they want to create, but they have no idea where to get started.  So for everyone that wants help let me start by saying, almost anything you want to do can be accomplished on your own.  I'm not saying you can't get…


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Gamification of International Relations

Hello Gameful community!

I am and international relations/sociology student currently writing my dissertation on the gamification of international relations (inspired largely by the work of Jane McGonigal). Any insight or help would be greatly appreciated. Cheers!


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Welcome Gameful Monster!

Welcome to Gameful, which we are happy to report is officially a partner with Games for Change!

After you signup, here's what you can do to get started:

  • Explore the groups. Find one that interests you? Join it! Want to invite friends and find new allies? Create your own group.
  • Looking for an opportunity? Looking for collaborators? Check out the classifieds. By the way, here is a Gameful opportunity
  • Check the webinars and learn more about what we love the most
  • Invite friends and group members from Gameful 1.0 to join this shiny new one
  • Make a blog post
  • Friend and talk to the Mayor, or chat with anyone online (lower right)
  • Stay tuned for Gameful challenges, where you can design your own social impact game!
  • Take off your shoes and enjoy :)

Thanks everyone!


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