Appropriate Age Groups for Games, can we fix this?


 A friend tagged me to this photo not too long ago. I do find this picture rather intriguing, and very true. I grow tired of having to go play online expecting to play with people 17 and up, and come to find myself playing with kids 12 and under instead. This is not the gaming industries fault, and I don't blame the media. I blame the parents. Why is this generation not getting the upbringing I had received. We are not that far apart in age. Has society really changed this much over the course of 18 years? I had this conversation with my colleagues and they all agree that it gets annoying when someone younger that shouldn't even have this game is cursing you out. Posted a similar subject on Facebook the other day. It read "Watching CNN talking about violent video games linking to violence.. First off: Why don't these experts actually play the games before they say this false information.. let them play and see if they feel like shooting up bitches. Second: children shouldn't even be playing these games. They are for ages 17 and up. Bad Parenting linked to Violence." Now my question is Do you agree? How can we prevent this? HOW CAN WE PREVENT PEOPLE SOUNDING LIKE ELMO TO PLAY ONLINE GAMES NOT SUITABLE FOR THEM?! Please help... these kids shouldn't be saying the things they do, but they are influenced by these care free older gamers online. I will do my own research into this subject, but I am glad I have the opportunity to bring this up to fellow gameful members. Thank You. 

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