Aw, Poor Baby! by Seth Weeks (needs cofounder)

 80-word Summary of Aw

Aw is a social game that must never end. It is an activity designed to revolutionize human behavior, so that people will act gently and awarely toward each other, rather than with distrust, indifference, and competition. Studies have recently shown that merely by stimulating our oxytocin (oxy-TOE-cin)–the “parenting hormone” present in all of us–we can effortlessly and almost instantly reverse our negative reactions to each other, substituting genuine caring and compassion. From this simple act alone, a new and kindlier world could emerge, one free of hatred, violence, and war.

What Happens with Aw Look at the accompanying photo of a child. Does it arouse feelings of pity? A kind of squishy, sweet tenderness? Maybe a tingly desire to comfort and help? These are the things we typically feel when we see a helpless, unhappy child. Simply spotting such a child instinctively arouses within us the hormone oxytocin, sometimes called the parenting hormone. We are likely to mutter, “Aw-ww,” and maybe “Poor baby.”.... (much more)

(If interested in what follows, email me--Seth Weeks--at:, and i can email you the whole social game in the form in which it exists so far.)

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