Covet Fashion: The Digital Stylist’s Shopping Game

Fashion is poised to flourish this year, with the help of technology.  Molly Wood  of The New York Times said wearable gadgets are becoming more stylish. Wood reported FitBit has teamed up with designer Tory Burch to manufacture new trackers and sensors that resemble jewelry. But, even mobile apps are being enhanced, allowing you to stay updated of the latest fashion trends. Covet Fashion lives up to this expectation, with a twist of gamification.  

In the name of style and womanhood  
In the United Kingdom, O2 reported the theme for 2014’s International Women’s Day held last march 8 was “Inspiring Change.” In this connection, the company has launched an online TV Channel, showing insightful interviews with phenomenal women. In each interview, certain aspects had been highlighted, with emphasis on career, beauty, and, fashion.  

We’ve seen the tremendous growth of apps catering for fashion, wherein Covet Fashion stands from the rest. The main premise of the app is that it asks you to vote certain items if they are “hot” or “not,” from which you’ll earn tickets for buying clothes and accessories.  
Fashion discovery turned into a game  
The app engages players in a game that tests their skills in styling. Aside from the hot-or-not voting scheme, Covet Fashion allows people to dress up virtual avatars, using seasonal products from real brands, including:  
• Cut25  
• Sigerson Morrison  
• Botkier  
• Hudson  
• Joie  
• Halston  
• Rebecca Minkoff  
• Heritage  
• Dannijo  
• Torn by Ronny Kobo  
• Yigal Axrouel  
• Cynthia Rowley  
The main objective of the game is to dress up an avatar for a complete head-to-toe look. If a player’s style gets highly-rated by the online community, that person will win products from some of the top brands mentioned above.  

Ticket collection  
Before entering events, take note that each one of them requires a specific number of tickets, most of which at least 25 tickets. It’s ideal to collect tickets by voting for the submitted photos of other members. As Eighty Jane puts it: “it’s a genius way to make the game have a truly community powered engine.”  
Covet Fashion also has options to buy tickets using diamonds. It can also be used to obtain game cash and purchase items from the virtual shop. Diamonds are bought with real money via the iTunes.  
Entering an event  
An “event” refers to a specific occasion wherein players will create looks for their avatar that are appropriate for a certain theme. As players enter, they’ll be presented with a virtual closet and a model. To test players’ creativity, the game randomizes the avatar’s hair color and skin tone, prompting them to choose pieces that accentuate the models’ features.  

If an event has garment requirements, players can check their closet and see if they already own something that fits the occasion. If they have none, they may buy items at the virtual shop.  
Hiring a Style Ambassador  
App developer Crowdstar Inc said that hiring an ambassador is essential if Covet Fashion is trying to penetrate all fashion markets. Last year, the company named the app’s very first Style Ambassador, in the persona of fashion icon Rachel Zoe.  
When asked about what made her accept the role, Zoe said in an interview with Inside Social Games that having this app installed bridges the gap between fashion and technology. “I think it has the potential to change the way people discover and interact with fashion,” said Zoe.  
In a separate interview with David Lipke of WWD, Zoe lauds how the game is presented, especially for each brand’s in-season collections. “It’s a very intelligent game – it doesn’t dumb down fashion,” she said.  
 Indeed, Covet Fashion is a good mobile app that extols the beauty of fashion. On top of all, it allows you to develop your own taste and creativity in styling – two of the things you can’t teach in fashion.

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