Hunting for one of my old posts: "Game Concept: A Force More Powerful"

Can you help? I'm hunting for a post I did in Gameful a few years ago, describing concepts for an RPG that took players through the challenges of being a successful "nonviolent" protestor. Lots of action possible, with drama playing out and the challenge being to avoid fighting back even when hit, even when someone you care for is hit. Lots of details - but now I can't seem to find it :-(

Sadly, I don't seem to have the original text I posted saved somewhere else.

Here's email I got back in 2011 about it with links to where it used to be.  Can you help?

---forwarded email---

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I have played games before where there were scenes where if you tried to fight your way through them you died always. The only option left was to negotiate.
So what I am saying is that the nonviolence thing is easily doable. If they play. If they try and solve many situations with violence then they will die and have to go back to a save point. In other cases you could make it so consequences catch up with you in the long term from bad behavior.
I think its something broader then violence that hooks people into games. Its the challenge of leveling up and of overcoming new and harder obstacle. It is also important that obstacles aren't too difficult to overcome.
What you will be doing with your game is programming into players head peaceful pathways to conflict.

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