Seeking support for Gamesters Utopia project

Gamesters Utopia Project

Who I Am

My name is Erick Alexander. I'm a young entrepreneur whose turning a 2 years of researching and developed business idea into a real startup business. 

Project Details

With the "Gamesters Utopia" project I aim to create a gaming niche social eCommerce website in which the functionality of the site by percentage is going to consist of: (1) 45% Social Networking (ex. Facebook), 35% eCommerce (ex. Ebay), 20% Livestreaming (ex. and video uploading (ex. Youtube). Basically a website in which gamers can socialize with one another, livestream their gameplay to their subscribers/members, upload gaming videos and auction gaming related products. For a better example the finished project will seem like a Facebook, Ebay, and Youtube merged into one sharing all the perks of each site seemlessly in one gaming niche website!!! Also not only will the website have multiple streams of revenue but the users of the site will be able to make multiple streams of income which I believe is just one of the great values the website will have!!! 

When The Project Will Start

I will be working with the web development company call "Powered" at which will be working on this website project but first I have to raise a minimum of $5,000 to get the project started. So once the funds are raised they will start working on it asap and have it finished within 3-4 months if not sooner!!! I will also keep everyone that donated update on its progress from start to finish. 

The Reason I Want To Do This

I've always been an entrepreneur at heart for as long as I can remember plus growing up I loved to play video games every chance I could and keep up with the latest news with everything gaming related but also from growing up through abuse and not being able to have friends basically a solitary confinement lifestyle I enjoyed meeting talking to people I connected with online. Also on top of all that I just wanted to have have a successful life running my own business so that I can take care of my future family and others I've grown to love and consider family through my lifes journey. Lastly, even though I wanted to be successful in business I wanted to come up with a concept that will allow others to profit in some way from my business as well just doing what they already love!!! 

To My Supporters

I would like to thank you very much for your support in helping me with my dream and as well as taking part in it. Also I will have a founders page created listing all the names of those that supported me with this project!!!

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Comment by Scott Jacobson on November 13, 2014 at 1:03am

So, where are you with this now?


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