Create a game with no programming knowledge, what do you think ?

We are building a startup which will develop a tool for all of you that wants to create an educational game, but do not know coding. Would you be interested to test our first (alpha) prototype ?

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I would be very interested in testing your first prototype.  

I have some (limited) programming experience with C from about fifteen years ago but haven't touched it since and am just starting trying to teach myself Python but haven't gotten very far.  So I don't have much programming experience. 

Also, I am an Instructional Technology master's student at the University at Albany and my interests lie in educational games.

Thank you very much for replying to my message. We are a team of 5 persons who are working just for 2 weeks on this idea (Teachers creating games - no coding) so we do not have much to show right now, but still it is possible to create one simple game on our prototype :) Please visit section "CREATE" and try it. It would be very nice to get your honest feedback, because we are now collecting feedback and developing it based only on that :)

Thanks again. 

I was able to play around with your game creator a little bit today.  My notes are below:
The layout and the animation is great.  Very easy and intuitive to use and I love that I can use my any photos that I want.  It's intuitive enough so that the teachers without programming experience can make games, yes.  But also the students could make games
A few small criticisms and a few suggestions for things I'd like to be able to do.  I'm using this on Google Chrome so some of these issues might be specific just to chrome.  
1. on the page where you choose an app type, for some reason I can't scroll down.  I can see the top two options - Drag & Drop and Catch a Falling Object, and I can see that theres a third option but I can't read what it is.
2. For the drag and drop, I'd like to be able to add or subtract levels so that, for instance, I can do a drag and drop for four or two items.  
3. Instead of only having one complete image for the background, Id like to be able to use smaller images.  For instance, if I wanted the alligator to match up to the mushroom, 
4. I had some difficulty differentiating the background images with the dragging images.  For instance, the skeleton I tried to place in one of the round spots.  Maybe if, on the bar of images along the bottom, the background images were square and the foreground images were round.
5. Also, I'd like to be able to add text boxes anywhere I want.
6. For some reason, when I click on Catch a Falling Object, it just takes me to Drag and Drop.  Same thing for whatever the third option is.  That's probably because you guys are still in the alpha stage, right?
7. I'd like ​to be able to disable the music when I play my game.
​I hope this helps!​  Let me know when you have further updates and, as long as I have time, I'll be happy to play around with it and tell you what I think.


I am amazed :) Thank you very much , so far your feedback is the best what we got :) honest and in details. Now I see clearly couple of thing that should be created in our next version. I already considered few of your mentioned functionalities that you want to see, and now you confirmed my mind that they really make sense. Thanks again , I will inform you personaly then we will have something more interesting to show :) 

Glad to help and looking forward to the next testing phase!

I would be interested.  I have programming experience but it would nice to able to use this with the kids and let them use their creativity.

Thanks for feedback, we were aiming this product to teachers mostly, but maybe kids would be interested to create games as well.

I would be interested in testing this.  But when I went to the site and clicked the Create button, there was a sound, but nothing else happened.  I am using a Mac and tried with both Safari and with Firefox, but neither allowed me to proceed.

Any idea what the problem is?




Thank you for reporting a problem. Problem might be because of your Flash Player version. You can try to update your flash player here:

Let my know it it helped.


OK, that fixed it.  I was able to create a drag and drop game--I'm assuming that is the only one that is active right now.  It is very easy and intuitive and I think even a young child could do it.  But I wasn't able to add an image--again, I'm just assuming that isn't active yet.  I think how easy it is to add your images and to adapt the game to your specific needs will be crucial to determining its overall usability.  But you've done a great job of making it pretty much a no-brainer in terms of working with the images available.

When I clicked Save, it just kind of stayed there.  I wasn't sure whether it saved or not, or how to go back to it if was saved.  But again, maybe saving isn't active yet?

But it looks promising so far.




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