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You might want to provide more details. :)

Well I have been searching for a site similar to this to interact with the like minded.

What is interesting is the talk, research and development of money games. Although my interest is this at the same time my focus is to create solvency to the financial markets, along with my family ties in International banking business, I am poised and graced to do so. It seems as though what is left is to begin looking for interactions with like minded. Anew familiarity andor compassion for the game making industry started whilst  attending game design school several years ago albeit and was never the same.

I would imagine if there are more questions as there should be we would need to start a chat.

Let me know and thank you for the response.


So what do you need? Do you need someone to design the game, to build the game or what?

The more concrete info you have about what do you already have and what do you need to make it happen, the more likely you will find someone to work with you. Having an "idea for a game" for example usually will not convince many people. Having the game mechanics (how the game works in details) figured out on the other hand might get more people interested.


I would be starting from nothing,There seems to be many misconstrues and misnomers regarding the financial problems of the world which needs to be clarified in order to provide truth to the situation. The game would be focused on education of currency(money, gold,silver) and origins, world financial solvency and how, Private banking, living in trust, wealth building and member network social interactivity such as trade.



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