So I am completely aware that this may not be the right area to venture forth with my questions.  If it is incorrect, I will gladly place it where it needs to be.

I am desperately trying to learn programming.  It is something I enjoy doing.  Yet it is something that just doesn't stick.  This is something that I have had to admit for the last few years.  Maybe its because I have serious issues with low dopamine, or I just can't wait to finish the Breaking Bad series, or perhaps it's just because I do not have enough time in the day to push myself further to grasp a hold of it (as a single parent, going to college, and holding down a full time job... I would go for the time thing).

That being said, I think I recognized where my disconnect is and I was hoping that someone may be able to help me out.  I can spend time learning code, having great success with it, and then it just disappears if I don't use it enough after a few months.  Yet I think I have a solution and was curious if this has already been done or if something could help me go forth building some sort of a cheat sheet to grasp it.

I am not looking for the 'This is how you write perl or ruby or Fortan'.  I am trying to understand common concepts that  I can apply to my studies in a certain way.

My thought was this:  Has someone describe programming elements in some sort of a episodic way of remembering.  

I understand this can be extremely personal for each person but at least by asking maybe I start putting together some sort of an approach.

Thank you guys for your time.

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Hi Jason

Have you looked into any of the online schools teaching programming, such as

Code Academy

Khan Academy

Here is a Ted blog with a list of places to learn to code:

Ted Blog

As a long-time programmer, my opinion is that the first step is a good understanding of logic.   All computer programming languages have their differences, and syntax of each can be tricky.  Sometimes the new languages learned crowd out the old languages. 

When I first learned programming (back in the Cobol days) I was told "output determines input (determines process)" - so you first have to know what the goal of the program is.  Then you determine what you need (input) to reach that goal.  Then you determine how you need to manipulate the input (processing) to reach that goal.

Sorry if this sounds oversimplified, but I hope it helps a little.




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