This is an email I sent Jane, no reply yet, but maybe she will pay more attention here, or someone else will answer:

I have been trying to find game programmers for a while for a game that would teach people how to create a sustainable village (and a sustainable world). We could call it "Sim Village" based on Sim City, except that the goal of the game would be to figure out how to create a local, sustainable technology ecosystem and perhaps also a local economy. This is not as easy as it sounds, given that today's technology ecosystem is global, and unsustainable, but I believe a massive collaborative online game would be helpful as a preliminary in figuring out the problem in the real world (I use to be a simulation engineer at Motorola, simulating semiconductor processing then I actually built infrastructure for sustainability in a bunch of places so I have hands on experience). There are many reasons why local (not just food) might be advantageous and I address them, as well as give further motivation in the links below:
 (..snip..) At this point I don't have funding for this project, but perhaps that will come later. 
Though not being a programmer, I can program (like a physicist). It would be better though if someone like you was in charge of the project. 
Looking forward to your response,

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