Hey guys Becket here,

       did anyone else spend endless hours imagining the 'best game ever' growing up? Thinking to yourself "man, if I could build a game I would... insert awesome idea here."

Well my dream has always been to one day make that best game ever I always imagined. However, after working on this best game ever idea a few years I realized that my dream would never come true for a reason that I would like to share with all of you today:

One person could never be responsible for building the best game ever. Neither could 10 people or even 100. The best game ever is one that evolves with the input of an endless number of players from around the world. "I" could never build the best game ever because "we" will be the ones who build the best game ever together.

This realization also applies to games for good. Individuals building games to solve specific problems is great. Keep it up! But if we want to build a game to start tackling the really BIG problems of the world we need to all take part in this game's design effort - because who knows where the best ideas are hidden around the world. Say I want to build a game to solve world hunger for example. I have lots of ideas about how to do this but it could be that the best idea for a game to solve world hunger is hidden inside a 13-year-old boy from South Africa. The world needs his idea!!! And we need to create a way for his idea to rise to the surface.

Think about what would happen if we had a game which was simple and fun like Minecraft with all the power of professional modeling tools (3Ds Max, Unity 3D, Maya, etc) which encouraged people's efforts to make a positive impact on the world through playing games... and we gave this game away to everyone in the world for free! Imagine architects, animators, game developers, stay at home dads, teenagers, old people, anyone and everyone... all playing together building on each other's ideas. Some people might use this software (NU) to augment their real world profession buy selling their virtual models or blueprints or graphic art. Others would be playing simply for fun like they might in Minecraft. Some people might spend all there time building games within the game... other people might spend all there time just playing mini games which these players made.

Anyway, that's the basic idea behind what we are trying to do with TeemPlay. If you think that video games can help us make the world a better place and you want to support this idea then help us by going to our Fundable page (http://www.fundable.com/teemplay-nu). Your donations really help but if you can't donate then please don't let that slow you down - show your support by "liking" the page or following us or showing TeemPlay to your friends. We need as much help as we can get to show the world that we are serious when we say "making a game to build a better world"

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