I wrote a course on basic economics, personal finance and entrepreneurship with a chapter/lesson that talks specifically about making the process of wealth-building into a game. Looking for others to help make that happen more literally.


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The really cool thing about it is that it is actually the site, just extruded. It can be done simply in most 3d programs and then saved and imported as a landscape. I'm working on creating a tool that does only this so that people playing the game could easily create a version of the site and share it with the community then everyone can vote one to become the actual dungeon for that site. Follow me?
Something like an opensim oar file, only it works with HTML?

I'm really interested in this. If you need a tester, I'd be interested. I tried something similar that loaded one of my builds in a page, but all I could do with it was walk forward and back very slowly.

ohhh ya you need a little into to WebGL 

the guys at google created quake http://code.google.com/p/quake2-gwt-port/

check this out


I think this could slot well into the game layer i am building.  

Pls add me to skype: awarlock00

Hello and Good Day,

How much would it take to build a game like this?



Happy holidays, I would like to continue this conversation.

Usually, The problem with projects is that it the funding usually is simply not there to really lift it off the ground. This is why I so diligently seek people that are ready to take that dive( so to speak).
 If one should ask how much it would take to complete a project like this, what would the answer be?


I have no idea, that is my issue. The last game that I played was in the 80s, so I do not even know what I do not know. Writing the book cost me nothing and publishing it cost $80.

I guess that my perfect result would to hear from someone that has read the book, used it, is excited about it and has a good game idea. Having that specific idea, we could more easily determine costs.



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