I have been working on my first Android app for the past month or two. It's called PictureCode, and the intention was to create a project that I could both learn from and that could provide entertainment and productivity. It's actually just a stepping stone to a larger project, but I think it has merits on its own too. Currently it's hosted at http://picturecode.sf.net/ and can be installed on any device that has opted to allow installing apps from unknown sources. It doesn't require any permissions, so it's quite safe, but I would like to publish it on Google Play.

Before I publish, I am looking for any tips to make this a success. First I suppose I should briefly explain what it is. Basically it's a simple 1-field interface where you enter alphanumeric codes to generate pictures and animations. Each character represents an operation or parameter to an operation. I think it's enjoyable to enter random codes or to experiment and seem what the different codes do and then try to accomplish something specific with them. But it's also fun to share codes via hyperlink and QR code with others. You never know what a code will do until it pops up on your screen, and the notion that a little QR code can contain all the info to define a colorful animation I think is remarkable.

I'm planning to make this a free app. Is has built-in mechanisms for sharing codes and linking to discussions and documentation. Is there anyone interested in taking a look and letting me know of anything I might be missing that could significantly improve this app's prospects for success?

Huh, the app's small enough, I might as well even attach it here for your convenience!

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