I came to Gameful because I wanted to be surrounded by people who take games as seriously as I do.  I loved the idea of working together with these people to make games that could create change.  Mostly, though, I just wanted to hang out and bask in the awesomeness of people more talented than myself.

One thing I feel a site like this deserves is an Active Projects section.  In short, such a section would allow a member to layout a game design or concept, update people on the project's progress, and, most importantly, allow the member to provide ACTIONABLE STEPS that need to be completed.

Other members could join a project and submit work on these actionable steps.  In this way, members can collaborate on a large game project and receive feedback and comments from a community that actively wants all of its members to succeed (we all love each other, right?), all while having the satisfaction that the community is creating something together.

I know this requires much on the web admin's part, but in the end, I think this site deserves something like this.  I think the actionable steps are especially important.

For example, let's say Sue has a game concept.  She has barely started.  She lays out her idea and includes these steps:

1.  Create a title screen.

2.  Create sprites for 4 characters (with a description of each).

3.  Translate the instructions/other text into Spanish.

Sue knocks out the actual coding and whatnot, but she's no artist, so Dave signs up for steps 1 and 2, and Erin knocks out step 3.

I hope I'm making sense.

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That is really interesting! I think it might push some people to accomplish more and we might see more games made by Gameful members. 

Does anyone know if this is even possible/plausible?

That is awesome! What about using the classifieds for this?

Maybe in the "collaborators wanted"?

I just found this thread! I completely agree that we need a better way to display game ideas and ask for help on them.

I think it would be really helpful if we had a page where we could browse game ideas like we currently browse groups. Then, when a user clicks on a game idea, it takes them to the game idea's page.

I have a possible design laid out, and I've included images blocking out roughly what it could look like.

Who is in charge of development decisions on Gameful? How do we make this happen?

- Kia




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